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TEXT TOPIC: What's on your Radar?

Manifest on Netflix

Comfort Window Solutions

Global.artt on insta

Beastie Boys music!!

Split chicken breast- Lee’s heber

BSMODERNBOUTIQUE.COM Hand made items, babies, mamas, and more She has $15 bummies! She is a mama of 4 here is SLC, she is amazing! She does CUSTOM orders 2!

crime scene kitchen on Hulu is on our radar as well as American horror stories

Outer banks! It's on Netflix and it's amazing!!

Got HBO max with my phone carrier so have been watching True Blood. However PSA do NOT watch it with a parent! I read the books with my dad so started watching it with him but. . . It is HBO talk about AWKWARD lol

i have 2 things on my radar is the podcast its supernatural, it's the same host from crime junkies host. Today's podcast was about sleep paralysis. Which I experienced 2 nights ago. Ugh very scary....

Meraki tattoo co- Kyleigh Winkle

purple mattress and their purple harmony pillow. Best. Sleep. Ever.

Tattoos by Haylo!!! Her realism is AMAZING! Check out her (don't forget the Y like I did!) her watercolor and infusion is also mind blowing

Greta Van Fleet! Cool new rock band! Led Zeppelin kinda vibes! Frankie I think you will really like them! Listen to Black Smoke Rising!

Dutch Brothers coffee. Iced sugar Free 911 with 4 scoops of sugar free coconut

4s customs in salt lake. They tinting, wraps, sunroofs, installs of racks custom leather seats and much more. Leo, Oscar and Ramon are 3 brothers and they are legit.

SoJo Family Pharmacy 9800 S & Bangerter Hwy Local business, super friendly staff open til 7pm M-F and on Saturdays til 2pm

I love Bricks corner pizza's Mozzarella sticks

other people's lives podcast

Virgin River on Netflix

How to become a tyrant on Netflix – so good!

Kevin hart and snoop covering the Olympics – hilarious

clean simple eats strawberry protein powder!

going to the gym with my brother who got married a couple of months ago. It's great to spend time with him again.

Red tacos in Provo! Best Birria tacos around!

The new American horror stories on HULU

Emotional Intelligence. Why it can matter more than IQ by Daniel Goleman. This book is amazing and highly recommended for everyone!

OMG! Working Mom's is hilarious!!

the little dog house in Harrisville! Best dog grooming shop iver ever used! My dogs look amazing and the staff is fantastic! Worth the drive!

Love Is Blind - After The Alter (a drama filled reunion of the Love Is Blind cast on Netflix)

Dr. Laura on Sirius channel 111. She doesn't sugar coat anything and I love it!

The Piketon massacre podcast. It is crazy and a true crime that happened in Ohio

What's on my radar... Comedy Central Roast of Justin Bieber. HILARIOUS!! Martha Stewart is so funny. Check it out.

cycling! Love love love

love island! so hooked!!

The House of Corn in Sandy. The BEST and most authentic Mexican food I've ever had.

"Z Where it all began" on Netflix.

the book Never Split the Difference. Book about negotiation from Chris Voss. Definitely worth a read

"Sharon Says So" is an awesome podcast ... she is a history teacher with good stories

@signedand.delivered on instagram. I just bought a sign from this duo. They make handmade wood signs out of their garage.

White Lotus on HBO. It's hilarious, sad, and so weird but SO good!!! New episodes every Sunday. Stifflers Mom is in it so it's amazing ????

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