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TEXT TOPIC: What is your latest parenting FAIL?

parent fail. Daughter broke her wrist at gymnastics and I thought she was just being dramatic. You know they get sore. Made her compete in a competition still with it broken. Finally a week later took her in...broken. worst mom ever.

I paid my kids allowance for the chores that they did. But then I had to take it back in order to buy them the pizza that I had promised them LOL

I always tease that my blonde haired, blue eyes 5 year olds dad is the Rock..Dwayne Johnson. Well last year at my other sons football game there was a handsome Polynesian guy behind him and Sam asked if he was my real dad. I wanted to crawl in a hole.

I try to teach my kids the proper names for their private areas. And that no one should touch or look at their areas. We went to their doctors appointment and my 4 yr old yelled at the pediatrician when he was checking my daughters diaper. "DONT TOUCH MY SISTERS PENIS!"

went to the school to pick son up got stopped by teacher talked and left back to car and realized I left him in the school

the other night my 4 year old was being pulled in a wagon around the neighborhood, she was waving like a princess in a parade yelling "Hello shiZ heads!" ?? ???????

when my daughter was 2 we were getting in the car when it was dark outside. She got all excited and said "look! It's the evening star! It's way the hell over there!!" We were at my in laws and they have never forgotten it. She's now 14

We were at the store the other day and my 10 year old said this is totally you mom! It was a sign that says, "I love Jesus but I curse a little" Bought it!

At my grandmas funeral my 2 year old couldn't open a sucker during a moment of silence and he yelled "damn it "

I was 5 at the lake when a huge storm rolled in with huge hail. My mom grabbed my brother & ran to our tent. Leaving me behind. Why did u leave me to die mom?!

by the time each of my 3 kids reached age 2 they had used the word shiz properly in a sentence while frustrated

my wife dropped something and said oh shiz. 2 weeks later we were with her parents (her dad has never said a swear word in his life). My wife dropped something and our 20 month old says ..... oh shiz. Got her dad to laugh though ??

while being tailgated I yelled in the car, get off my ass and my 3 yr old copied me in her tiny voice, ya! Get off our ass! Oops!

7 yo son had kidney removed & was at primary childrens He wanted 2 go 2 the playroom but was in 2 much pain so I went & got clay 4 him Dropped heavy clay right on his stomach

Taught our kids correct anatomical terms. One day in church Our son decided to yell out "My penis is hard!" SMH

my daughter keeps saying "its f-ing cold in here" even after we've talked to her about not saying that word! We've said it in front of her but out of frustration not casually as she does.

My kids were 3 &4. I was on the phone and said. Bitch! They were jumping on the bed saying over and over again. I said Dont say that and they keep saying " Why cant we say B"!!! ?????

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