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TEXT TOPIC: How did someone ruin your name?

i always get " do you have one testicle like the other LANCE?" Ugh I hate that

My brother's name is Kevin. A very common movie quote in our home was from Up: "Kevin's a girl?!"

My name is Jake..... Contrary to what many people think I do not work at State Farm.

adult humor name is Jantzen. Women's bathing suit line. People try to make fun of it I tell them at least ladies wear me when they are wet.

my name is Angelica and they call me angelica Pickles from Rugrats

Jake from state farm.. Enough said, seriously F those guys and whoever made that campaign ??

I'll tell you who ruined my name : D J-Lo, Jen Anniston, Jen Garner...tough being a Jen in your 50's! Can't compete with those beauties

My name is Jenny, not Jenniffer or with an IE. So often I am approached with quotes from Forrest Gump as well as sang 867-5309 to me :P

im Jamie Lee and everyone calls me Jamie Lee Curtis. Since I was little!

name is Mindy and get asked all the time where Mork is

my name is Andy. Let's see toy story or raggedy Ann and andy just to name a few

My name is Brown, I work for UPS, all the time "what can Brown do for you?."

my family would call me Kato but it stopped pretty quick after kato kalein & the OJ saga

The song Stacy's Mom. I'm so sick of hearing, "does your mom have it going on?" Not original. Also, Stacy has it going on too! Although my mom is really awesome.

My name is Amy & my husbands ex-fianc was also an Amy. I hated my name before but I disliked it even more after that. ??

Elizabeth Taylor need I say more ????????????????????

My cousins name is Zack. We used to sing the Lego theme to him and he hated it. ZACK ZACK HE'S OUR LEGO MANIAC!!

my name is Tim and South Park Timmy so annoying

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