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TEXT TOPIC: Why don't you drink anymore?

Quit drinking because I donated a kidney for my brother to live and I don't want to destroy my one amazing bean after drinking since I was 12 I am 51

I don't drink because I watched my brother in law drink himself to death. Never met his now 5 year old little boy.

My kids need at least 1 parent that's sober, and I'm the only one who can claim that title

I don't drink anymore because my significant other drinks enough for the both of us and some nights you just don't know who you're going to get when he drinks too much

I've decided I don't want to drink anymore because I just found out in March that I only born with one kidney

I am sober from alcohol for 579 days, I stopped drinking because I realized I really hated who I was when I drank. It was like Jekyll and Hyde. I am completely happy with my choice to live sober :)

Quit drinking 6 years ago. I was drinking every day (self medicating) for about 3 years straight. Prior to that, I was just a social drinker. I drank so much I got pancreatitus & had to be hospitalized for over 2 weeks. Docs said I would die if I continued to drink. Even that didn't stop me. Kept drinking for another year. Then I met my now husband and he helped me get and stay sober. Having someone to live for made me want to quit.

Gf & I used to drink every night, don't anymore since we were prescribed ADHD meds- been life changing: we eat better/ more healthy & have lost weight, we're more productive and overall better people!

can't drink anymore, not even 1 ,it wrecks my stomach. Tried to drink Friday night in Vegas ended up throwing up til 5 am

I drink very rarely after I started to become an alcoholic like my dad

OMG I'm getting a wine gut I have to back off but it's gonna be hard I'm going to Europe next week for 10 days motorcycle ride through the Alps and there's gonna be a lot of great winetasting yikes love you guys

My ex scarred me from drinking. He was a heavy heavy drinker and was always a mess. Always belligerent and embarrassing. Dealt with it too much to encourage me to want to drink anymore

I've been working on my drinking since i tripped and fell right on my face and broke both my front teeth out. multiple dental surgeries and thousands of dollars later... i will not get that drunk again!

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