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TEXT TOPIC: Passive Aggressive Text Messages

my cousins husband really needs to stop texting me it's so annoying

you know Brad keep acting like you don't appreciate me&keep those emotional walls up you're going to see the best thing you've ever had walk out of yourlife

please be on time. Don't keep everyone else waiting to start because you were late. Then don't get mad at me for privately reminding you the start time of the meeting. Just be on time so everyone is happy.

Doesn't it seem like social media has favorites? I would like a fair algorithm. Grrrrrrr

for every one on social that post "I'm getting off social media for a mental break or detox" just get off. You don't need to tell the world you're doing that, it's like low key you still want attention and validation. Do more say less.

Stop assuming I've taught the kids to hate you. Kids notice their father doesn't want to be involved in their lives. Stop assuming I've poisoned them against you, when your absence is the biggest poison.

Hey Genius, babying her will never make her a decent human being. She is on her way to being the same pathetic human her mom is

To the d-bag in the black truck with a mattress in the back who hit my husband's truck at Famous Daves in Layton on Friday afternoo and left, you suck!

Dear Ashli how dare you complain about being pregnant with twins when you were actively trying to get pregnant. I would give anything to be able to have another kid. You are truly an awful person.

you are the most fake person and it's too bad I learned it the hard way

dear sister in law. Eff off. No one likes you. Butt out of everyone's business.

If we are at an intersection any my light is green that means yours has been red a long time and there's absolutely no reason for you should be in the intersection. Happening more and more.

hey JJ don't come at me like that on ig, I got receipts and I will put you in check. They don't call me petty labelle for nothing

I hate always being the one who has to reach out first to friends. Of I don't send a message id never talk to anyone. Why can't they make an effort??

Just because one American made you mad over something little didn't mean we all lack common sense. Maybe you're just petty

Angie, woman up and pay the $750 that you owe your ex. For once be a good person. You have a daughter, try to be a good role model.

To the asshats walking their dogs at peak time of the day.. y don't u try walking bare foot when cement can reach up to 120 degrees! Jerks!

To DaBaby... Sticks and stones might break your bones but the wrong words can get you fired.

to the three girls at work and you know who u are stop spreading rumors and gossiping about other people's lives it's non of ur business if they wanted u to know they would tell u

"PAT" the fact that everyone is so surprised that I am succeeding at my leadership position is highly offensive

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