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TEXT TOPIC: What happened over the weekend?

celebrated my 4 year olds birthday. So much fun with family!!! Oh and the rain!!! Thank goodness for some rain!

I got baptized on Friday in the river it was such a blessing... Saturday got to spend time with my bestie and Sunday I had a photo shoot so I had a blast

showed up to a co-workers daughter quince party and all the big boys were there and got super drunk with the work family

We spent Thursday-Sunday at Country Fan Fest. We got rain Friday and Saturday and the wind/rain combo shut down the festival for a majority of Saturday night but we still had a great time. Loved all the artists!

My son played in his first 7v7 soccer tournament in park city semifinal game was a double over time ended in PK shoot out we win To send us to the championship game. We lost but to a other team in our club. Salt lake FC took 1st and 2nd

It was my moms and brothers birthday, hope you guys had a good weekend.

fam in town, wedding, to much drinking =1st hangover @35 ?????????

got drenched in the rain at a concert at Red Butte

parents here in CO fr mesquite.Went to central city to gamble. We all won on black jack table. We laugh til we cry. So fun having them here

We went camping up to Southfork with the famdamily and enjoyed the rain Saturday. Good getaway

I got a Bernadoodle puppy over the weekend. We named him Harry Potter. Love him!!

My grandpa passed away from dementia after suffering for almost 10 years. Been celebrating him all weekend. Bless his heart and miss him so much. ??

Saturday was my wife and I 6 years anniversary of being together ? I love you Santana

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