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TEXT TOPIC: The straw that broke the camels back with your roommate?

went home for Thank G, came home I night early RM's FAMILy was there in everyone's beds&on floor 4 bedroom. They stayed 1wk and ate my food!!

Roommate brought his Gf back to the apmnt she ended up overdosing and I had to save her life. She is ok now! It ended Ruining our friendship.

This isn't my story but it happened here in Provo a few years ago. One of my neighbors was living in a basement apartment with his best friend. He was being obnoxious to said friend, so send friend fired for warning shots off into the ceiling. That didn't stop my friend from doing whatever it was that was obnoxious. So said friend grabbed a meat cleaver and began hacking my friend. He was hit 53 times. He was revived by doctors a few different times. He lost his ear and nearly completely severed his wrist. The wrist was held on by a piece of skin and a few fibers of muscle

I came home from work to a party where a fight was going on as I walked in. That same girl started trying to fight me when I said she needed to go home and sober up. She broke tons of my stuff and broke out another friends car window when she left.. That next weekend my roommate let her crash in my bed with her boyfriend!!! Wtf

my ex roommate was responsible for groceries this particular month. She had gotten them but only got groceries for herself and labeled everything. The last straw was when I was taking a shower and got out and she had some random man in our house and they were having sex in the living room and he asked me to join

My roommate would constantly stink up the bathroom. I'm talking dead animal stench! Finally we had to ask her to move out. It was an awkward conversation but surprisingly she understood!

had a renter/ roommate asked me if he could work on an art project . He said he wanted to learn a new hobby and was something he saw on YouTube ! Figured why not ! So I said sure . Expecting it to be art work or something along the lines of canvas art or painting rocks. Etc. I come home from work after receiving multiple text from him that he finished something great and I had to see Little did I know he meant spray painting street art on my basement wall.House reeked of spray paint fumes and my newly Venetian plastered walls were covered in graffiti that a kindergartener could of done better on ! I snapped !

Had a roommate with a drinking problem, belligerent, crazy, and annoying. One day I came home to her passed out on my bed in a puddle of urine. She tried to blame the dog.. NOPE. She was gone instantly.

6 girls in one appt Had roommate who loved to cook but not clean up. Left dishes on cupboard and sink. Used to clean up after her. We all agreed not to do her dishes. Started to really stink. We asked her to do her dishes. She said she would get to it but never did. One of the roommates took all her dirty dishes and pots and put them on her bed. She did them that day and never spoke to anyone again

She would constantly wear my clothes and buy give them back. Lost it when she started wearing my underwear!

Had a roommate who later we discovered had some mental health issues. The last straw was when she would walk up and down the hall screaming at night because in her mind if she couldn't sleep no one got to sleep.

I had a creepy roommate who would just sit and watch us. I would go into the shower with the door locked and come out and it would be unlocked. She was a creep

My brother-in-law moved in with us had a job at first and then the rest of the eight months he was living there wouldn't get a job wouldn't even try to get a job and was just trashing my whole apartment it was horrible

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