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TEXT TOPIC: What did you accidently leave behind at the hotel?

I left a single shoe in North Carolina. They called me and shipped it to my house!

chargers. Every. Single. Time.

I stayed at a hotel in Idaho and when I checked in I found a huge pile of white powder behind the TV. Called the cops, turns out it was cocaine

We left my daughters swimsuit and American girl doll at Tahiti Village in Vegas, but luckily our friends went there the following week and were able to pick them up for us. The staff was so nice to deal with.

Found a 30 pack box of condoms and a bottle of lube in the nightstand next to the bed at a hotel

left my down feathered pillow. Called the hotel and they played dumb.

I left behind a walking stick in hotel in Nepal. I flew home and weeks later they shipped it home to me. It's my favorite thing I have ever gotten from a foreign trip.

My narcotics. I was just out of surgery only a few weeks, and I had put them under the bed as a precaution. And realized that in doing so, I had them for myself LOL thank God my doctor is totally cool, and laughed it off when I asked her for a second prescription

Hotels keep items left behind anywhere from 30-90 Days. After that it's up for grabs to hotel employees before being thrown in the garbage.

we went on a trip in the van, somehow my husbands car keys ended up in the luggage. Left the keys in a drawer in the hotel. Hotel never found them. 200 to replace.

They do donate to the shelter I work in a hotel lol they wait for like a month

Got married in Vegas. Our wedding clothes. We were already in the car when we realized I didn't have my wedding dress. Thankfully they let us back in to get it.

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