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TEXT TOPIC: Did you help someone cheat?

I helped a best friend cheat! Her husband was a cheating narcissist and treated he like crap. She finally left him and is extremely happy!

had a friend who her and her ex were on the outs always on and off a break. She asked me to tell him she was with me if he called looking- He called I answered and said "I'm not with her!" I was she was sitting right by me... LMFAO I messed up what she asked and made a huge problem

my friend from high school was dating her boyfriend, I saw her boyfriend cheating on my friend. He was trying to bribe me so I wouldn't tell my friend

there was a girl in my inlaws ward who's best friend would help cover for her while she was out cheating on her husband. Her best friend would say they went on trips when in reality she was with the other guy. She ended up pregnant. Oh, and she was the bishops daughter. Way to go. You are a mess. Good riddance.

I knew my cousin when she was seeing a married man and she would say she was at my house but when her husband showed up to my house I said I didn't know where she was. Later the wife of the guy my cousin was with blamed me for not telling her when I knew. It's a bad spot to be in. I didn't know the wife so I didn't feel like telling on my cousin.

in my younger previous life, my boss said he sent me out of town to cover for my trip out of town with the Other Woman. ??

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