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TEXT TOPIC: What is the worst concert you've ever been to?

Michael buble was the worst concert I've been to. He is an amazing talent and has an amazing voice, the concert was just the worst one I've been to. Must have been an off night-second part of Michael buble text: he just didn't play a lot of his big songs and everyone just basically sat the whole concert. I felt like I was at a concert for 90 year olds

Worst concert was Billy Squire in the early 80s, Don't Say No tour. He spent a lot of time just laying on the speakers as he played and sang. Laziest concert ever.

Lady GAga was the worst I ever been too and I go to a lot of concerts on regular basis. She started late and came to the stage completely waisted. Threw up while performing. I felt like she didn't respect the audience at all.

Worst concert ive been to is Migos at the Saltair. It was bad, because they took over 2 hours to come on, and played for about half an hour

Worst concert is a tie, Rascal flats at the fair ground when they were first getting started and Train during the Olympics. Both sounded terrible.

Streetlight Manifesto is an amazing band but the venue they played was awful and it ruined the show for me.

took my bro to Warren G over 20 years ago for his bday. He came out 3-4 hours late and I don't even think it was him. Did a couple songs and bounced.

Nora Jones at red butte gardens. Slept through the entire concert. Major snoresville

took my teenage daughter to Maroon 5 a couple years ago yes the same concert Frankie started getting the ringing in his ears anyways we had drunk people at the end of our aisle that had to keep going in and out tripping over us and spilling drinks on is they were in our way the whole time sucks because maroon 5 is my favorite band

Wiz khalifa concert in prark city.. it sucked cuz he sparked up a joint and they shut the thing down 10 minutes into the show

my worst concert was phish

Metallica. They were off key the whole concert.

I like breaking Benjamin but anyone who has seen them recently they sing a lot of other bands songs and that's not why we go there.

todrick hall. The concert was alright, but the venue was weird. He plays a lot of dance music but everyone was sitting and energy wasn't there

Drake for Sundance 2012 I think. I forget the popular club. But he didn't even perform. He literally took the mike and said this is my first drink of many... that's it. Club ended up suing him.

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