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TEXT TOPIC: What fear did you overcome?

Fear - being in front of a group. I lost almost 40lbs through WW and was asked to be a meeting leader. Flattered to be asked & forced to be in charge/be

haven't fully overcame my fear of heights but I try to regularly do things that push me to overcome it. I've been zip lining a bunch of times and plan to go skydiving one day :)

So painfully afraid to speak in groups (everyone's attention on me). Got job as trainer. Had to train large groups every single day. I'm good now!

used to have a fear of speaking in front of large groups of people. I used to get all flushed and would turn all red. It took time but now it's something that doesn't scare me. It's helped me a lot in life that I was able to manage that fear at a young age.

Fear of Posting videos of me talking about various things online.. Taking it one video at a time focusing on things that matter to me.

I am terrified of sharks, and im classifovic. I went snorkeling in the ocean!!! I was NOT the first one out.

I don't have a fear of heights but of falling. Started rock climbing Because my wife loves it and now I can enjoy it regularly! No I'll never free climb lol

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