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TEXT TOPIC: What crazy thing did you witness at Church?

I've been a pastor for about 5 years. A student decided hedidn’tlike what I was saying so he came on stage with me and tried to wrestle the hand held mic out of my hands.

wewere at church and there was a dog that was running under the pews and literally no one could catch him. People diving around and everything.... it was my family's dog.Bubba.

I was visiting family in thesouth,We were in a really old church house. The choir was up on the stage singing, and the stage fell through and collapsed.

Preaching a wedding.A lady in overalls, a buzz cut, and asmokersvoice kept yelling that she objected as a joke. I ignored her, but the groom said - Shut up Aunt Sue!True story.

We had a woman pass out during sacrament meeting. Only the back half of the congregation notice paramedics coming in to put her on a bed and take her out. She is fine now.

grewup LDS and for a while we shared our ward house with a Russian speaking ward. Well as it turns out some people were involved with the Russian mafia. We were in Sunday school and we heard a motorcycle blaring then 3 men with guns on their hips came through looking for someone in the Russian ward. Our teacher just shut the door and acted like nothing was going on. I don't know what happened with the guy they took but that was the last time we shared the church time as that ward.

asa teen, we had a sleepover at the church coed. We found a couple of them getting it on & sleeping with each other when we noticed they were missing.

meand my brother would hide behind the stage curtain and play outgameboysduringclasses we didn't want to go to and we saw the bishop kissing a woman our parents told us were seeing things and don't spread rumors long story. 5 months later the truth came out that he was cheating. Best part parents has to apologize to us

mydad was in the bishopric so he had keys to our church. One night during the week we wanted to go play basketball so we were at the church and went onto the stage. When we wentonto the stage and turned on the light there was a HOMELESS MAN literally camping out on the churchstage.We called the cops and come to find out he was sneaking in on Sundays when the doors were open and was literally living in the church during the week. Insane!

therewas a couple that would sit in one of the front rows in sacrament meeting. They would spend the whole meeting, hour and 20 minutes, making out. Someone must have eventually talked to them becausethemoved to the back of the balcony and made out there, push it a little farther than making out a few times. Everyone could see when they were on the balcony.

When I was a teenager in Boston, a bunch of us got into a fight in the chapel on the stand.

I wasn't there, but at my church in Ogden, a man shot his father in law in the face. The father in law survived.

was at conference center in SLC for axmasdevotional with the LDS prophet, and woman ran down very long isle and startedshouting he was a false prophet and Joseph Smith was a false prophet. It was quiet. The prophet was calm and quiet so we took his example and was quiet

hadan old man pass out at stake conference in front of us. A bunch of men picked him up and took him out

During a sacrament meeting a bat starteddivebombingpeople in the congregation.We ended up leaving and not finishing the meeting.

cameout of church andsome onestole a Cadillac converter from a car.

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