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TEXT TOPIC: What's on Your Radar?

Built Bars Delicious protein bars, made in American Fork

the horror virgin podcast, Todd is a guy who has never watched scary movies and his friends force him to watch movies and talk about it

The Vow on HBO Max. It's a documentary about NXVIM (nexvium) the cult that Allison Mack was a part of. So sick and so crazy!

"To sleep in a sea of stars" by christopher paolini. Sci-fi adventure book written by the same author who did the Eragon series.

Daily Motivational Quotes on Instagram @motivational_massage local company out of Ogden UT

chobani cold brew coffee. Can only find it at target

Natfit protein! Best protein powders I've ever tried! Their blueberry muffin and birthday cake make me look forward to workouts! still a baby company started by my friend in the arm wrestling community , support small business ??

Jordan high 2004 podcast. It's been fun to hear stories from classmates about how they saw themselves in high school and where they are now and what they've been up to.

finally watched The Green Book.. so good. Also Home Town Takeover, Two Steps Home, Fixer Upper Welcome Home

Do you guys ever hear how Wayne is doing

game quacks of quedlinburg!!! The show Alone on Hulu or history channel

Rewatching Ally McBeal again. So many funny things in that show. ??Great use of over exaggerated visuals.

Lorenas mexican restaurant in woods cross. Best authentic Mexican food! Huge portions for little cost

BARRIO! Down town! Amazing variety of tacos (even vegan tacos) and an amazing variety of drinks! Check it out!

City Cakes! I recently went gluten free and their pastries are AMAZING!

Not giving anything away, but Manifest gets weird (to me) in the 2nd & 3rd season. Super sci-fi/religious. Goes into Noah's ark and some other weird stuff

On my radar- a bidet. LOVE it! Never been so clean.

I'm into diamond art! I love it

chuck on Amazon prime! So funny and good

the podcast Red Collar about when white collar criminals turn to murder. The Foxcatcher documentary on Netflix is also really good.

The cutest women's boutique store in Layton, called Journey 5!! Locally owned, the nicest employees! Had such a fun time shopping there Friday!!

bluffdale arts performance of Annie next week! They are killing it in practice!

Secrets of the Zoo on Disney plus! It's behind the scenes at the Columbus Zoo and The Wilds Conservation Park. So much good information on the animals, the keepers and conservation of endangered species!

the show never have I ever on Netflix. Super funny and cute!

Fletchers in a Park City is so good! A must try! Great service and cute atmosphere. The salmon and steak were so delicious!

BOSCH!!! I ran into this show and just can't turn it off. Such a great show

Listener Juan Sweet-tooth on Netflix awesome show, can't wait for season two. Also G2G protein bars, Utah company. I recommend almond coconut, found them at Harmon's.

This Is Pop on Netflix. The first episode is about Boyz 2 Men. Fun seeing how they became them.

On my radar a podcast Famous Fates very well done about famous people about their lives and death and things you may not have know about them

Netflix's Sex/Life is on my radar. Soooo good!

Losing 100 lbs with Corinne podcast. It's all about changing your mindset around losing weight. No counting calories and 100% sustainable forever.

Purple mattress. We just got one from mattress firm two weeks ago, and it's so comfy best sleep ever.

Joe Bell the movie Excellent movie, changed perspectives, encouraged empathy!

Fotofly is on my radar! A local photo studio with locations in Draper, Salt Lake, and Kaysville. Super affordable to get beautiful photos of my kid and family

I'm ALL about season 2 of Ted Lasso!!!! Best show EVER!!

Manifest on Hulu!

On my radar is a new series on Peacock called "Dr. Death" it's based on the podcast

there's a doc on HBO called The Weight of Gold, about the physical/mental struggles Olympians deal w/. Suicide/depression among Olympians is way too high

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