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TEXT TOPIC: What is your PAT text?

how can you tell me how to parent when you are never here and you are the one who chose to leave your kid

if you don't fully understand someone's mental health concerns- don't just wave it off with "maybe you just need medication"

Dear boss I have told you for the last 8 month's that I will be looking for a job to work from home that pays more than what I am getting. And yet you still aren't training anyone for my 4 Jobs so when I put in my 2 weeks here shortly don't say I didn't give you enough time.

Mary, don't comment on my IG posts and pretend to be my friend. I know you went out with my ex. He shows me all your naughty pics. He's just killing time till he finds the right one, and you're not it.

people, after you try on clothes, don't leave them in a pile on the floor in the dressing room!!

"pat" i understand I am only a lead and not a supervisor but if I'm filling for a supervisor I need to know what's going on in that area. K. Thanks

if your in a construction zone and you see the lane closed from far away and you don't move over I'm not letting you in.

quit after 7 years & put u in this mess because u promote women empowerment & then degrade ur female employees. Sry the dept is crumbling now! Xoxo

U wonder Y U go through so many people @ ur job, but when will U realize you're the common denominator? When will management realize this? U R THE PROBLEM!

I told you I'm married and bring up my wife in conversation. Why are you still trying to get me to go out with you? You're also taken. Wtf lady

why am I the one being your mom when you are mine. Jeeezzz.

dear dad I get you dont like seeing gay people on your tv,but its time you stfu and watch hallmark. Love from the closet your gay son.

To my MIL, I get it's your birthday, but 3 parties is too much. Especially when we have to pay to attend some of them. Thx for being considerate of others time and commitments. Happy birthday-the world doesn't revolve around you.

stop using the emergency lane to cut traffic. We all have places to be. I hope you all get tickets

I'm an instacart shopper. When you have me go from syracuse to ogden then back to syracuse to get your groceries then I drop them off and you lower my tip for no apparent reason, Esp. With gas prices! This is my livelihood. So rude. NOT COOL ASHLEY.

If your going to put signs up for a garage sale....TAKE THEM DOWN!! It's your responsibility, plus I don't want to show up at your house if you're not selling anything! Or maybe I will just show up to tell you to take your signs down!!!!!

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