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TEXT TOPIC: If you could retire tomorrow, what would you do?

I'd have a movie marathon everyday

If I could retire tomorrow I would like to travel out of the country and sleep in everyday!

I'd buy and property for my family to hang out!

I'd travel the world since this whole pandemic I have been so emotional and I'm a social butterfly so I have to get out there

I would coach youth sports

plan to retire from law enforcement and get into the beauty industry!

Buy a big motor home and travel the country

Im trying to talk my hubs into moving to a smallish town after retirement. ??

I would want to become a campground host that is like the ultimate retirement and at other times I would want to be working as a heart ranger just in the parks either cleaning or making sure working in the visitor centers but a campground host I think would be the ultimate retirement for me and my husband

If I could retire tomorrow, I'd work at my favorite golf course for free just so that I could play everyday... for FREE. And my wife and I would travel at least 1-2 times a year to... SOMEWHERE. ??

if I could retire: I would stay up late and wake up late!

If I could retire tomorrow I would fly to Hawaii, learn to surf and enjoy the beach for as long as I wanted

If I could retire tomorrow I would take my family on an awesome cruise.

If I could retire tomorrow I would get a personal trainer and work out everyday, whenever I wanted!

If I could retire tomorrow I would open a dog Foster facility and partner with a children's Foster facility so they could be therapy for each other

If I could retire tomorrow I would go on a humanitarian trip and volunteer more for charities I love.

If I could retire tomorrow I would never set a morning alarm again!

if i retired tomorrow. I'd volunteer at all sorts of organizations.

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