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TEXT TOPIC: Are you angry cause people think you did something you didn't?

I have really long dark brown hair and everyone always asks me where I got my extensions done. Finally one day I said you know my mom ordered them straight from Jesus

I think most female immigrant feel upset when people assume we came here to get married, lots of us came to study. Also, when we do marry an American citizen, people assume it was for a green card. Maybe the couple are actually in love??

I was blessed with a natural muscular body. My friends and strangers always accused me of taking steroids. It was annoying but I took it as a compliment!

people think I'm a smoker because I take all my breaks and lunch in my car. When really I need a break from EVERYONE including co worker's so I listen to true crime podcasts in my car?

It used to eat at me that a small town an hour an half away from me, blamed me for my husband and my divorce. And, I do mean the whole damn town. That was my ex husband fault, bc he ran his mouth, they believe him & I felt like I had to defend myself against 1200 ppl. Well guess what peeps. Your beloved man wants to work things out. He still calls me everyday, he still tells me he loves me and wants to get married again.

everyone assumes I got lip fillers. I used to get teased for for having plump lips, and now I get teased bc ppl think I got too much lip filler

I have super curly hair and everyone always ask me if it's a perm. No it's not a perm this is all natural. When I was younger people would ask my mom if she would perm it. Who would perm a 3 year olds hair? Oh my heck

After 20 years in a abusing relationship. People think I made everything up, to get my papers Because they see me doing WAY BETTER. But I still don't have any papers. Is just that life is way better with out him.

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