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TEXT TOPIC: 21+ Do you get more adventurous on vacation?

went to Guantanamo Bay to visit my sister and her family that were stationed down there. Met a marine, had wild sex on the beach(even got caught by MP's) gave him a BJ outside a night club, caught by a employee. Fun times

We went to Vegas and visited a sex theatre and put on a show for everyone. It was so "hot"!

my husband and I were in Hawaii at a resort, we snuck down to the hot tub which was open to everyone and I sat on his lap and got it done! We've made it a tradition on vacation now

One trip we took to Vegas. We were lounging by the pool. While we were there we could see a couple getting it on in there hotel suite. My wife dared me to get it on with her in the pool which we ended up doing. We also got it on in the car in the parking structure at the hotel while waiting for some friends to meet up with us.

I went to visit a friend when I was in college. Ended up sleeping with him and some guy who just showed up while my friend was at work looking for him.

Were on vacation in Mexico with the hubs, and we love it because we don't have to worry about kids and being quiet and one morning friends in the room next to us let us know they could hear us the night before. Ha Ha sorry, not sorry

in Spain with wife for study abroad, did it on the balcony in hotel

My boyfriend and I had went to Dallas to see the Dallas Cowboys a couple years ago and we ended up meeting a group of people who were really fun and somehow ended up in Arlington at a piano bar got completely wasted got back to the hotel and somehow did not lose anything but woke up halfway dressed and our stuff all over the place.

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