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TEXT TOPIC: What happened over your weekend?

quick trip2 Seattle 4my brother proposal. She said yes. Did some sight seeing too J --at her parents house after she read the acknowledgment to his thesis where he asked her to marry him

Found out my husband is pregnant with another woman's child over the weekend. He actually came to me about it and came clean. He met her on a work trip. We are trying to decide how to move forward. Been together for 16 years, and have 2 younger boys.So hard, a lot to work through. Trying to decide what our relationship means to me.

On Saturday We enjoyed the Ogden Pioneer Days Parade it was enjoyable and afterwards picked up my Son and went out to Lunch at Bella's Mexican restaurant and it was cool to spend time with him.

we went to island park in Idaho and over to Yellowstone this weekend. It was my first time, always planning to go back

Found out my awesome co worker passed away Friday night. Today is going to be a hard day at work ??

weekend check. Went to Zion with friends and my bro. On our first day at Zion my brother got lost for 9 HOURS. the rangers did nothing until I was begging for a search and rescue. My bro was found by friends.

We were taking an uber home from downtown, and got into an accident. We are okay, but a crazy night for sure.

Found out I'm gonna be a grandma, 3 times over. My daughter is pregnant with triplets. Can't stop thinking about it, and so excited.

played 9 holes on Saturday and shot a 36

had a pretty CHILL WEEKEND!!! I stayed home, did some ?? laundry, went to a family BBQ ?? for the 24th, and had fun!!!

Had a great weekend with friends in the Uintas, went to the Kamas demolition derby on Saturday then hit the Wyoming Downs yesterday on the way home.

Went to Echo Island RV park with my whole family! Like 50 of us! Just had a great weekend! We did a redneck theme night! It was fun!

Went to Wendover for the weekend!! Fun fun fun!

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