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TEXT TOPIC: What did your spouse say no to because it is too dangerous?

I put the Kibosh on my hubby getting a motorcycle because he is not the best at driving on 4 wheels so it's extremely dangerous for him on 2 wheels

I wanted to buy a wing suit and start base jumping around the world. My wife let's me do alot of things but this was where she drew the line.

Stopped my husband from bullet bike racing. He's won plenty of medals/trophies and he's almost 50 years old we're about to have grandkids. It's time to be done.

when hubs and I were engaged long distance, He got in a motorcycle accident going only 20 mph and broke his collar bone in a Z fracture and had to get surgery. Helmet saved him from a concussion or head injury. I said no motorcycles after. Scared me to death. Luckily he agrees w/ me now

my husb put the stop on my desire 2 b a surrogate. He feels like its way 2 dangerous and the risks of child birth aren't worth my kids losing their mom

I want to do a ouiji board again but my husband will absolutely not allow it

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