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TEXT TOPIC: What's on your RADAR?

American Greed – CNBC

Ya Mon Soaks – Ogden

Rebecca Rose Boutique

Byrum Bow.Tique on Instagram

I binged Leverage: Redemption over the weekend, it was so good!!! Definitely recommend watching it if you watched the original

on my radar are the movies "Grown Ups" and "Grown Ups 2" by Adam Sandler. I know there old but they are now on Peacock and I love watching them again

I'm a sub for a gf's bunco night this week. Is it customary to take the host a little something? Any suggestions??? Help please! ??

Netflix series atypical it's about a high school student that is high functioning autistic and shows the struggles that they live with but it's a really good show

Right now I'm into Brene Brown's podcast on Spotify called Unlocking Us!!! Transforming!!!

i've been obsessed with the breakfast crunch wraps from taco bell! so yummy!!

anyone going through a "faith crisis" needs to read "Passport to Heaven" by Micah Wilder! It's EXCELLENT! God loves you NO MATTER WHAT!!

want to put on everyone's radar Pomelo travel. Now that more countries are opening up, pomelo travel looks for the most cheapest air flight tickets to any place. From Greece to Iceland to Japan to morroco.

Radar: Jokers and Marbles, it's an adult version of Sorry, you can find it on Etsy and customize it with your own nicknames on the each board :)

America's Book of Secrets. TV show on History Channel, Comcast on Demand and Netflix. First episode I watched was FBI and I asked my special agent and FBI swat brother about some things and he totally confirmed them. The West Point episode is amazing too.

I love my air fryer!! I use it for reheating, made hard boiled eggs, all kinds of fish, scallop potatoes, hamburgers, steaks, hotdogs, and brownies! It's amazing! I goggle air fryer recipes! Plus it's easy clean up!!

what's on my radar is a podcast called baby name envy two British women talk about baby names and it is a damn delight

This show is a little risqu but so so good. It's Sex Life on Netflix and then for hunters and just anybody really Meat Eaters also on Netflix is really cool, I think Frankie would like it!

Brew and Bougie on Instagram they are candles made from all kinds of beer cans. I don't even drink beer but I love these candles they are so unique and interesting!

Love the Fear street movies on Netflix right now

relentless on discovery+

Big Love on HBO. Never watched when it first came out but I'm obsessed haha

Comedian Nate Bargatze. Has a few things on Netflix and also has a podcast called Nateland. Super funny southern dude

Podcast - Ed Mylett and this weeks Iron Cowboy interview. So inspiring! It can be found on every steaming platform.

I'm loving the podcast Light the Fight!!! It's amazing, it's a local therapist and local mother talking about parenting mainly teens and older, I have one teen and 3 smaller I use what they say for myself and parenting all my kids!

The Maines new album XOXO: From Love & Anxiety In Real Time! Such a good album! Enjoy! ??

The TV show - The secrets of Skinwalker Ranch. It's a real ranch here in Utah and all of this weird stuff happens there like paranormal, u.f.o's and really strange phenomenon.

Southern smoke bbq. Hubs & I discovered him few years ago. Look him up on Facebook to see where he'll be. Stood in line for 1.5 hours. Best ribs you'll have in ut. Trust me. He's in Layton on fridays usually

Just started watching Yellowstone with Kevin Costner.. OMG! Really really good!

Frankie sounds weird...but smoke a spatchcocked chicken. Google it. Sooo good!

Self serve salad and soup bar at Harmon's is finally. I love to build my own kinda salad. Also LUCA on Disney+. Love it. Great movie for all ages.

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