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TEXT TOPIC: What did your parents push you into?

My parents pushed me into their religion. I've never been a religious person, and haven't gone back since I moved

I went to Chinese school and piano class from 8-14. Wish I had taken it seriously bc it was expensive and so useful! Love my parents

my dad pushed me into going to the gym. Hated it as a kid, because I was a chubby teenager. Love it now.

wanted to be a teacher, parents pushed for the medical field after my type 1 diabetes diagnosis. 22 years later I still LOVE the med field.

in 5th grade my dad enrolled me in a typing class.I was mad but that ended up being the best thing. I totally excelled in office work and still type between 110-128 wpm for over 38 yrs. Thank you dad

My parents forced me to get a job at 16 and I was so pissed! I ended up working at Movies 8 in provo for 2 1/2 years. I have some of the best memories, I'm 32 and I'm still friends with people I met there!!

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