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TEXT TOPIC: Scar Wars! Tell us about your cool SCAR! :)

I have a 4" long scar on my shin from running into the corner of the bathroom drawer. I was chasing after my sister cus she was being a little B

I have a scar on my hand from when I was little from my grandmas dog I don't remember it but it's been there as long as I can remember

Scarwars? I had a heart attack when I was 41, followed by a quadruple bypass. I'm also a smart ass. So I tell people when they see my scar that I'm back and nam some enemy midgets jumped out of a tree and stabbed me with a spoon.

I have a scare on the back of my head from brain surgery

have a scar on my knee. It's two teeth marks from my own teeth. I knocked them out doing a backflip and hit my mouth with my knee.

plastic surgery@age5 over & thru my left eyebrow. Brother sliced my face open w/ broken wagon handle

have a large one on my face that I got when I was a kid after tripping and falling on a stack of cans

upsidedown U on the right upper lip. Fell down the stairs at 3 yrs old and cut my lip open. Ruined my mom's dream of me being Ms America.

have a scar about 8-9 inches long right down the middle of my chest. I had heart surgery when I was a baby to fill a hole in my heart. I get asked about it all the time!

i was 5 I slipped and but my top 2 front teeth completely through my bottom lip. So i have a permanent fat lip and good scare on the front of my lip.

have an 8 inch scar on my throat from a guy slicing my throat trying to kill me

1/2" scar on my left shin from my moms C section. The doctor cut me!

have small scar on my face from being bit by a Brown Recluse spider. The doctors had to dig into my face to get the poison out before I lost my eyesight. I just pierced my face to hide the scar cause it looks like a little hole.

Scar from hip to hip from my tummy tuck. Well worth it!

right upper arm has scar from a muscle biopsy. Below my right elbow have scratch test scar & below that 1 from our dogs. My arm got in the middle of play

I was 12, aunt paid us to remove wallpaper, I went for a soak as my bro flicked the razor clean. Split my arm wide, no pain, asked for a bandaid 18 stitches

had my thymus glad removed (its next to your heart) scar from the tip of my collar bone to the bottom of my sternum

my lower back I have a scar from a kidney biopsy. At age 16 diagnosed with a genetic kidney disease no one in my family seems to have that I know

I have scars all over my ankle from 4 surgeries since 2011 when I tore a ligament and broke a piece of bone off in my ankle.

about 21 years ago, jumping on the bed and hit the corner of the wooden headboard with my forehead. Had to get stitches the scar is about 1 inch

have a scar the spirals from my bicep down my forearm, one from my sternum down about 6" below my navel, one on my hand, from a monitor cycle accident. A missing index finger, scar where my thumb was cut off and re-attached from previous jobs.

My husband was shot with a shotgun by his uncle when he was a kid on his lower leg. He almost lost his leg but they were able to save it he also has skin grafts on the same leg to cover up where he was shot.

my daughter Sierra was putting her grilled cheese in the oven and burnt herself

friend & I built a scooter, a screw was sticking out & stabbed my leg, now I have a kitty scar on my right leg near my calf, her brother pointed out my sock was covered in blood I didn't even feel it

scar on right palm of hand . Slipped in kitchen and fell on broken glass... 44 stitches later ??

Scar on my head from surgery (hit in the head by a golf club when I was 4), knee scar (softball), ankle scars (basketball), hernia scar and elbow scar (carpet tacks).

moved here from Northern California in 07 transferred Lowe's store and taking a pallet of Garden hoses to the front and was using a box cutter to take off plastic sliced my left arm open three layers of skin and 18 stitches later. From that day known as the California Slasher!

facial scar - I was bumped on carpeted stairs and fell down riding my face all the way it created a bad carpet burn tearing off skin

5" on my left lower stomach from donating a kidney and a 12" lower pelvic from a 90's tubal ligation

my brother has a scar sternum to around the belly button. He was shoe skiing on remaining snow in July up above Farmington 25 ish yrs ago. Feet couldn't catch up with body fell off a "small" cliff onto a huge boulder bursting his spleen.

I have a scar from when I was ten years old and got bit on the chest by a huge dog...scariest experience of my life

I have 4 scars from a gallbladder removal, and one from when I was a kid and decided the glass dining table was my stage, and I broke the glass.

when I was 10 was in a real bad Bicycle accident...skidded on my face and body 25 feet..took the right side of my face off and tore my left knee down to the bone.have a 4in long 2in wide scare on my knee and it indents in

I have a scar on the inside of my left ankle. When I was around 11 my sister was giving me a ride on the back of her bike and my foot slipped into the spokes. Took out a chunk of skin.

scars on my stomach from gallbladder surgery big one on my left ankle outside due to foot surgery

have 3 scars on my jaw line. I was bit by a dog when I was little. they were going to do plastic surgery to fix the scars but they decided they would grow down my neck. they didn't they grew to my face

My daughter had her thumb amputated 12 years ago due to a horse accident

husband crashed on bike as a child. Huge scar across his testicles

had bilateral knee surgery for bone growth & knock knee correction. Right knee 6" left knee 3". I tell people I got in a knife fight in the hood.

Scar up my rib cage from climbing a chain link fence in big wedges in the 70's. Foot slipped out and I was hanging from the twist at the top! Couldn't get my foot back in and couldn't push myself up because I was hanging at a weird spot.

had 8lbs of xtra skin removed from belly after xtreme weight loss. I have a scar across my front from hip to hip and no belly button lol

lots of keloid scars on my hooha from Brazilian waxes. Hard to be intimate w/o guys thinking they're STD related.

Had open heart surgery 3 months ago, got infection in it, big scar down my chest

have so many scars it's ridiculous, plus a missing big toe

have a scar on my arm in the shape of a fork. Buddy superheated a fork and snuck up on me and slapped me

3 inch scare across my left breast thank you breast cancer Almost 18 yrs good!! ??

have a scar on my chin from when I passed out in the shower after an overnight flight to Dublin. Passed out in the shower, hit my head on the sink and my two bottom teeth went through my lower lip. I was fine but had a swollen face for most of the trip.

zipper scars: entire right tricep (arm wrestling tourn) both ankles (tendons) & c section ... my left arm is the only place I don't have a zipper scar, knock on wood –Haylo

thyroid cancer. 3 surgeries. Ugly smile scar on my neck. Hate it

I've had 23 surgeries so 23 scars from 1/4" trigger finger to 10" scar from 2 total knee replacements.

my sister has matching scars all over her body. On the right and the left. Identical scars from head to toe in random places. No idea where they come from. She's convinced she's been abducted by aliens. ??

Hit by a firework. Big scar on my bicep

have a scar hip to hip from a tummy tuck, scars from breast augmentation and breast lift, scars on side of knee from a motorcycle burn when I was 5 and a scar on my eyebrow from hitting a glass table when I was little.

5 inch scar on right arm for "Saturday night special" release.

Passed out while riding an ebike in Bryce Canyon. Flipped off the bike going 22 MPH. Super cute scar on my chin from it.

Had several surgeries, scars from them but the worst are scars from breast cancer 6 years ago. Glad I'm still here.

I've had this scar on my left thigh I've had it for 15 years it's from top romen its a third degree burn I have a huge scar

scar on my lower right leg burned my leg on the exhaust pipe of 427 cobra when I was 14. It about 6 inches long 3 inches wide

I was 14 and the loose shower drain opened up across the bottom of my toes and is scarred to this day.

have a 'c section' scar but I have no children...hip to hip scar to have a fibroid removed.

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