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TEXT TOPIC: What is your PAT text?

If you don't know how to run a company step out and let the people that know do it, you create more problems and baby your favorite employee so they don't have work just keep you company all day

Car dealerships. Omg. I literally have a brand new car, a 2021, less than 2 months old that is having some issues. And the dealer said it is not broken enough to fix. Yet they admit there's a problem. WTF!

Ladies, stop going in the stall right next to me if there are other stalls open!

to the fitness trainer who works're a sleazy home wrecker and in what universe do you think it's okay to spend a weekend in Lake Powell with someone else's husband? Karma is coming for you girl!

you're our boss at work, we are not at church. Nobody can see or hear us it's okay if we are inappropriate at times, we are not all goody two shoes

tailgating somebody is not going to make them drive faster, just go around A hole, I'm already going 15 over the speed limit on redwood

gotta vent man... I'm the manager at a dental clinic. Yesterday I was on the phone from 8:30 - 4 working out some unexpected technical issues we were having. Very frustrating cause it put all of my other work behind. At the end of the day, the Doctor had the audacity to ask me "are those computers FINALLY up and working??"... I about lost it.... yes Doc, and next time I'll let you do it since you're so ungrateful!!!! (I said in my head).

hi husband. If you keep taking your wedding ring off for several days EVERY TIME WE FIGHT, you're going to be keeping it off permanently. Thank you.

u told me u were single for 2 years!!! Then ur wife slides in my DM's ur damn right I snitched!!

stop complaining you have no money & living off mom and dad when you have memberships to everything and eat out EVERYnight! Grow up and move out!

Pizza place not in slc- Then we get up to the window and they told us to pull to the side because our order wasn't ready and they would bring it out. After 15 minutes my husband went inside for our order (mind you the lobby is closed) and our order was just sitting there.

Filing for divorce Will be beneficial for both my son And I. I'm practically a single dad As it is. She expect me to always take care of him even though she can but just doesn't want to.

When I unfriended you on all social media and you still try to contact me after you broke my heart and treated me like a last priority. Get the message!

Shorter hours still at places that used to be open later. Annoying, we should be back to normal.

If you want your paycheck to be as accurate as possible & be more maybe come to work and clock in like your told

to the food truck owners, if you agree to do a show a month in advance please be reliable and dependable and show. Don't cancel a day or two before after we spent hundreds on promoting the show with you as our truck just to end up with none.

People, stop going through "self checkout" when you have a huge cart full of groceries!

If your not serious about dating me then say it. My time is valuable and my worth is much higher than waiting around for you to see if you can spare some time to see me, then you get mad that I don't call you!! Dude I'm done!

dear builders don't give me a deadline to get my closing docs in but you take 3 weeks to provide what you need to close

Don't delete me on FB then send a friend request twice after and expect me to accept it again, when I didn't want to accept it in the first place.

I am a general manager of a restaurant and it's incredibly disrespectful to my hard work working staff, that's just short staffed, when customers complain, yell, and threaten them because we can't open on time or stay open as late as we would like because every person there is doing the job of 2, if not 3 people. They are showing up to serve you even tho they know their job is twice as hard as normal. Be nice.

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