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TEXT TOPIC: What are your two secrets?

I am a practicing witch and love voyeurism

my secret. I've left the LDS church. If my neighbors or family knew I would be completely shunned. I only keep it to myself for my children. I just wish people would stop asking when my 8 year old is getting baptized ??

secret that I'm hiding.... that I love weed!

I'm a 38 year old single woman. Most people don't know that some of my best friends are poly and we have fun sometimes.

my husband thinks I'm incapable of a one nite stand so kept that hush. Also that I made out w the guy I met him thru, he thinks we were only friends

My friends all think I'm liberal, but actually I lean pretty far to the right.

i cheated on my ex and no one ever found out so i've never said anything

I had an abortion about 5 years ago and no one knows besides me and the place I had it done.

no one aside from my husband knows how much debt I'm really in, and literally no one knows I'm Bisexual

my parents have no idea. I'm sexually active and drink and I'm 37

My secret is that I chose to have an abortion. Im so ashamed. It took me 6 years to tell my best friend. No one else knows

my fam doesn't know that my hub and I just live as roommates. Can't afford to divorce.

I'm bisexual and polyamorous My best friends I'm always at their house... and we have fun with and without my husband.

I found my very LDS cousin on tinder looking to connect with other men. Only I know and they don't know I know.

Having an affair with a married person for 3 years. Best.Sex.Ever

I was divorced almost 5 yrs ago. I took the heat for our break up. We were married for a long time. My kids have no idea as to the real reason why. I kept this to myself to protect his reputation. To keep intact the relationship between kids and dad. I am the only person who knows this. He slept with my best friends sister. Who I considered as a sister as well. That is not the only thing either, for yrs he has done things that I tried to hide and accept. Once you feel You're not enough, you have to break away at whatever cost.

I am a Dom/Master and rigger married to a Vanilla and have multiple subs and rope bunnies on the side. Am a friend of Frankie but he doesn't know either!!

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