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TEXT TOPIC: What happened to you over the weekend? Was it good or bad?

Weekend check in: It was my birthday on Sunday!! So I celebrated that this weekend, it was good!

My son got married

Three weeks till the wedding. Announcements in the mail yesterday and two wedding showers this past weekend

bit the bullet and bought tickets to Garth Brooks this upcoming weekend. I am so excited!!!

me and my girlfriend got back from Vegas last night. Was a fun time but 116 everyday. It was hot but super fun.

I went to the farmers market and busted my butt at my booth. Then my sweet bulldog a $120 worth of cash love it

left work early on Thursday with a migraine, spent most of the weekend in bed! Made it to work this morning, but still hurting! I want a do-over!!

saturday at lindsey stirling concert

Over the weekend I got a new Costco card with my friend. The checker asked us if we were ready to be adults. Excuse me we are both almost 30. Then at the end after she gave us our card she told us welcome to adult.

me & hubby just got back from Vegas. Saw Garth! 117 hot but worth it!

today is my 30th bday. Me and my husband Celebrated in Deer valley with my stepmom and sisters from Texas that I haven't seen in 3 years. Had a relaxing time

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