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TEXT TOPIC: What do you want to say to your neighbors?

Keep your fing dogs off my lawn!

I wish I could say to my neighbor is to STOP OVER WATERING YOUR LAWN! We get like your lawn green, but we're in a drought. Your grass isn't that important buddy

Don't park you 10 vehicles over the sidewalk! It's to walk on, not park on!!! I hate that my little kids have to walk in the street around your cars.

Just because your running a commercial business does not mean you need to park all your vehicles all over the neighborhood and make it so people that come to your house can't even park in front of your house. Rent a building dude!!

Say to your neighbor - Hello?! We moved in 2 weeks ago why haven't you come to welcome us?! We're only the 2nd owners of this house since 1991

we have a neighbor who is obsessed with my husband. It has gotten to the point that my 5 year old will check to see if he is out and give my husband the all clear. This guy will talk talk talk even when my husband tells him I'm not in the mood to talk to you. We don't think he understands social ques.

neighborhood stop telling the cops that the people who messed with you came from my house when you know they didn't.

dear neighbor, we are early birds too. We see you in your skivvies every. Single. Morning.

Quit using my address for your packages! The first time I figured it was a mistake because they just moved in, but 9 months later, its still happening. All from different companies. Our house numbers aren't even similar.

put in a yard already!!

Dear neighbors the walls are thin I can hear your 5 rounds of 2 minute sex KEEP IT DOWN

my husband wants to tell this obsessed neighbor, sorry I'm not going to be your best buddy just we're neighbors. Please listen when I tell you I don't want to talk, I really don't want to deal with your dumb stories about how amazing you think you are.

Don't complain to the HOA about my chickens being stinky when you're dog poops right next to my fence and you have the stinky fly trap hanging Right by my fence and you smoke. You are stinkier than my chickens. If your house was on fire I wouldn't call the fire department asshat.

if you're going to order food/anything delivered to your apartment go to your door and get it. I almost called for a well being check when you left it there for an entire day. Thought maybe you needed help.

neighbors.... I see you hanging up your garments outside on the close line to dry but I also hear you screaming at your husband daily that he's a stupid son of a bitch. Choose the right or let him go!

smoke your drugs and stay out of my business I told my kids to start giving you lip back

If you don't want to see me walking around my house naked, don't look through my windows. It's my house, I'm gonna do whatever I want in it.

I'd tell my neighbors to shut their damn dogs up. Bring them inside. I feel bad for them that you keep them outsides all day, and night. The city code allows you only 3. Not 5!

Hi neighbor. I swear the next time your dog craps on my lawn and you leave it, I will be returning it in a flaming bag on your porch.

thank you neighbor. I don't know who he is but I'm working 16 hour shifts and sometimes I forget to take my trash can to the curb for trash day. He runs from across the street to put my trash out for me so the trash truck will get it. I live in lehi and I see him doing this often on my doorbell camera.

I'd also tell my neighbors to shut their kids up. They are outside at 6AM crying. Some of us went to bed late, lighting fireworks all night lol

Neighbor 1, you have a driveway, use it. Our streets are narrow, we don't need all your vehicles blocking it. Neighbor 2, move a bigger house, really tired of your 7 vehicles clogging up our street. Thanks West Jordan!

We freely give fresh eggs to our neighbors. One of them is a little too comfy with that and doesn’t even say please or thank you. She demands more eggs when her carton is empty :/

dear neighbor, please stop bringing more ppl to your house you have a dealership outside including boats and trailer. You taking parking in front of our house blocking my mail box and now you even parking in front of our next door neighbor, how many ppl leave with you!! 10 vehicles no joke!

Dear new neighbors, I wanted to apologize if you've possibly seen us changing clothes or anything else. The previous owners didn't have any blinds and we can't have curtains on all of the windows. We're getting some blinds ordered and we're trying to be sorry!

dear neighbor, you cigarettes sink. I'm prepared to launch stink bombs.

hey neighbor on the north side of us please quit watering my truck and my shed

dear neighbors I'm sorry for how bad our lawn looks. Your whole family is too nice and we don't deserve having you guys next door. We're so lucky

quit taking my damn trash can into your back yard, JASON!

My 15 year would watch the naked neighbor across the courtyard. She was beautiful with a nice body. I had to tell him to stop.

Tell the people coming to you to quit honking theirs horns at midnight. Do your drug deals quietly

stop parking so close to my driveway. It's hard to back out when you park all your cars on the street instead of your empty garage.

hey neighbor we're in a drought, stop watering the lawn 5 times a week. Everybody's grass is yellow

To the girls next door. Keep you dang cats inside all they do is crap in my yard they leave so much hair on my chair AND run in my house!!!! Ugh

Quit parking your car in front of my driveway and mind your own business.

Dear neighbor.... you suck! I can't wait to get our fence at the end of the month! I just keep thinking that one day you will meet tour maker and have to pay for everything you've done to everyone here.

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