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TEXT TOPIC: What are you struggling with right now?

im struggling with money, my work(everyone is rude to me) , with my move, and my ex! On top of it all being a single mom!

I've been struggling finding balance. I've been taking more time for myself but then feels like something else takes a hit, time with kids or hubby. And then there's work. ??

My struggle that I am going through right now is dating and it seems like every time I do find a good guy I always end up having to break it off because something always comes up that I don't think will work with him and it seems like I just can't catch a break

I'm struggling with getting my ass to work on time!!! Why are we back in the office?! WHY?!! I had no problem rolling out of bed and working my undies from home! ??

for decades I have been trying to get my dad's approval who never wanted me. Lately I have been trying to break and working from wanting his approval.

I'm struggling with keeping my hopes up about getting pregnant, I'm 24 and have been trying for 2 years

I'm struggling with keeping it together and not breaking down emotionally. I'm a single mom, work full time, graduate school, and recently found out my ex got married. Heat makes it hard to run outside so I can stay sane and run my problems away lol

I'm struggling with my mom's cancer diagnosis and the fight ahead.

struggling to stick to my diet. Sure, my stomach feels so much better when I'm on it, but food just tastes so good. Damn you GI issues!

Daily struggles with eating disorders and not slipping into those behaviors because I have four daughters

I'm struggling with intense mental illnesses with ALL of my siblings. It can be hard to support them all at the same time.

Depression, anxiety I struggle to just get out of bed and function everyday it's exhausting

struggling with my self esteem and self worth, hate who I am and where I am in my life and the fact married 11 years and have nothing to prove with it.

I'm struggling with wanting to get pregnant now. Especially after my miscarriage in March. Me and my spouse have talked about it. But hes wanting to wait a little longer, I'm ready to continue growing our family now.

my baby is leaving for college in three weeks

I am struggling with not one, but TWO puppies. I'm a big softie and couldn't take one away from the other, so I took both. 6 months and countless f bombs later... what the hell was I thinking?!

struggling with endo and pcos trying to loose weight & get healthy, want to get pregnant and now with my husband rejecting me when want to be intimate that just kills my self esteem. I don't know what to do & I don't have anyone to talk about or vent out, it kills me cuz I don't know what to do

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