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TEXT TOPIC: When did you reach out to a celeb and why? Did they respond?

messaged Post Malone on Instagram to tell him about the brain rehab clinic in Orem, thought it might help him with his depression and anxiety. Obviously never heard back!

My son is 7 and he drew a picture of Billie eilish and sent it to her threw the mail. He didn't ask for anything back and just sent the picture and it said from Kellen. A week or so later he received a post card from her with her picture on it and it was signed by her. He was so excited. So cute

I reached out to David Archuleta because it was my moms dying wish to have him sing at her funeral and he did! He's the absolute best

I used to write to Daniel Radcliffe (Harry Potter) when I was young because I was literally obsessed with him. His team would always respond with a prewritten letter and an "autographed" photo of him and I actually thought it was him. I thought we were destined to be together.... hahaha

I was in Mykonos Greece at the same time as juju from the Steelers. I messaged him on Instagram but he never answered

Zac efron. I had 8 fake accounts in one day reach out to me so I told him. He wrote back thanking me and now likes/comments when i comment on his posts.

Reached 2 TSwift bc 10yr daughter couldn't go concert due to chemo. Sent LOTS of flowers/stuffies & when she got better T flew us to a show Meet her

i reached out to a youtuber named chris fix for an english project and he game me a shout out to my car page. Gained 600 followers

sent Donovan Mitchell a Christmas card. Didn't hear back, but love Donny! Go jazz!

Reached out to a pro disc golfer on Instagram before the world championship in Ogden last month saying good luck and he actually replied.

my niece has DMed Zac Efron multiple times to set me up with him ??. No response unfortunately haha

my band reached out to the lead singer of Blind Guardian and he wrote back. He even recorded guest vocals for one of our songs we released

reached out to Dwayne Johnson on social media. He was in Hawaii filming The Jungle Cruise and we were getting married so we invited him to the wedding. Never responded.

I wrote a letter to Stevie Nicks (I'm 50) recently when my friend died of an accidental overdose. She had been a Stevie Nicks fan since we were teenagers. It was cathartic to share her story with her idol.

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