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TEXT TOPIC: When and why did you cry in your car?

Yesterday i cried in vets office when i was told my sick cat should be put down, and id only had him 5 months, and cuz this is my 2nd cat death this year

My niece and I saw a girl crying while driving on the freeway a couple months ago. Not sure why she was crying. We threw up some hearts at her and made her smile.

I cry every morning in my car. It's not as dark as it sounds. It's very refreshing. Crying is good??

I was bawling my eyes out on my way home from work cuz I am miserable in my current position, on the phone with my hubby and some guy came up to my window at a light to let me know my brake light was out. Not sure he was prepared for what he came up on LoL

June 24 this yr, my birthday. I cried in the car bc I left my house and I'm on my way to work its pouring rain and I know that was my husband in heaven saying happy bday bc he loved rainy days

My custody case is over with my daughter, it didn't go as expected. Of course I'm devastated and I cried last night about it even though it's been over 2 years. I mostly cry for my daughter because she is unhappy. I always want to protect my children and I can't I can't right now, what's one of them and it hurts so much.===Regarding the custody case at the end I meant I can't protect one of them right now and that is what hurts the worst. You can kind of throw it together to make it make sense. My voice texting sucks!---Sorry custody case again but I have to cry but I have to cry in my truck because I don't want it to affect the rest of my family. Okay I'm done. Sorry and thank you!

cried in car last week after having a full on freak out panic attack in an MRI machine. Horrible.

cried on my bday in may, lost my uncle in Oct 2002, celebrating my birthday without my family being complete broke me. He was like a father to me

I cried in my car this morning. I started a new job and bought a house last week. My landlord is pressuring me to move out and not enough time to do everything

I cry in my truck just about every day I lost my mother to covid last October and it's been hard

I cried in my car because I feel like my husband is selfish. We are newly married but I dont know if he is struggling to get used to me being there or what but he comes to me like being selfish. It hurts!

I cry on my way home everyday cause I hate my job that much

on June 20 it has been 22 years since that my mom passed and I was 22 years old when she passed. She's been gone as long as I've known her.

I cried in my car because of my ex and the emotional abuse that he caused me. He also committed a crime against me and is going to get away with it because of the justice system.

I cry a couple times a week when I think about my dad passing away from covid. How he was alone and we didn't get to say goodbye.

I recently cried in the car for my four nieces and nephews whose parents decided to get divorced after 19 years of marriage. I really wish more people were open to counseling before ending something great

cried in my car this weekend because we were told we needed to put our 18yr old dog down. We expected it but my boyfriend bawled harder than I've ever seen before. It made me cry to see him so sad.

Cried in my car yesterday! Just moved in with my bf and the change from being alone for 17 years has been rough!

I miscarried my 6th baby. It's my place I can cry in peace.

About 6 or 7 weeks ago when my brother had a stroke after his open heart surgery. We thought we were going to lose him. He went home last week but still has a long recovery road

I've cried in my car a lot recently because I'm unemployed and just moved into our first house. The bills keep coming and I keep getting rejected by all the jobs I've applied for. What makes it worse is that it's my fault I'm unemployed since I quit, but my old job was slowly killing me.

I cry in my car at least once a week because my almost 10 year old is such a meanie!

I cried last week in my car when I failed my big certification exam for a promotion at work. I'll try again for the 3rd time in August.

I cried in the car weekly. Work is rough, especially in customer service. Humans are mean about policies I have no control over.

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