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Shark week – Discovery channel

Bricks Corner Pizza

Localz bistro

Tyson.greyphotography on Instagram

handmaids tale! How am I just watching this now!! Awesome show!

amazing gourmet Mac and cheese place in Midway called "Goochy Goos" Mac. Cheese. Brisket. Amazing!!!

Sophie a murder in west cork

Comedians In Cars Getting Coffee - it's a quirky talk show with Jerry Seinfeld and comedian guests.

on my radar is super cute plus size women's close and they are local!

Great India. They are locally owned, Sukpaul and his wife are the nicest humans. Their chicken tikka masala and any of their naans are so delicious.

salt lake photographers. @frankiesutera, @itsmesaul, @adangodinezphoto, @aaronbaker, @misaelsphoto, @zacventure

Morbid a true crime podcast is on my radar! Love love them! I love true crime as it is but they make it fun and light hearted in a way. They give so many details and you feel like your hanging out talking with your best friends while listening?

Cycling at Rebel House. Butt whooping!


Brownies x3 in SLC. Delicious brownies and ice cream! Also ANDi, she has the best scrunchies, accessories and watch bands! She's in Pleasant Grove.

Cut Da Carb Flatbread on my radar. Can only buy online but so many options to make low carb food.

the show manifest

new single by Jaden Smith "BYE"

crime scene kitchen is on my radar. It's a fun new cooking show!

Donny Osmonds new song "who" is on my radar. It's so good

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