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TEXT TOPIC: What is your PAT text?

"PAT" do just hire people because the bosses daughter likes them cuz the person you hired for supervisor is a bad human being

Why on earth would you ask 'has your face always been like that' when I literally just told you I have bells palsy? Have I always been this ugly to you?

for the love Utah, STOP selling fireworks! PERIOD! We are a freaking burn stick!!

Hey Kristine you are a terrible manager all of your employees are hoping you get transferred to different location like the last crappy manager did.

moms deserve to relax on holidays as well not just dads! Give your wife/souse a break!

To my boss: you put me in a position that I didn't want. Then expect me to a three person job. I have cried all last week and I just want to quit! I am asking for help and you tell me to just deal with it? You deal with all this crap with out the training.

You knew no fireworks allowed and argued with HOA president about it then thought no one would notice you setting them off in your backyard. Stupid morons.

A $0.25 raise is not a supstancial raise.

to the staff at Yellowstone, this is a people oriented job, newcomers from all over and frequent flyers, if you can't deal working with people and your so grouchy all the dang time and any little thing triggers you, this is not the job for you!! Change jobs or change your attitude, your attitude changes my attitude

Dear neighbors, 2:00 AM is not the time to do your firework grand finale. Some of us do have to work in the morning!

when ppl use the phrase "good call"

Angie, we are glad that you got dumped. You don't appreciate a good man. There's a reason why men leave you. You allow your friends to rule your life. Most importantly you need to be a parent to your kid and not a friend. You're toxic. Bye Felicia. Oh, & thanks Allie for sticking your nose in other people's relationships.

Quit saying "I give up" whenever I say no to going to something. I hate when people make others feel like it's not ok to honor how they're feeling. For anyone else in a similar situation... it's ok to say no! Honor your boundaries. PLEASE this time, actually give up.

I've been with this company for over 11 years! I haven't had a raise in almost 3 years. Cost of living has gone up and You've declined my request for a raise! Not even a few cents!? Im a loyal hard working employee! Ya'll are greedy AF ??

dear self checkout home improvement cashier. I don't know you and it's very unprofessional for you to go on venting about how you're the only cashier, and asking customers to complain to customer service about how overwhelmed you are. Especially when there's literally only 2 people checking out in the whole store...

Please stop talking to my husband. You had your time 17 years ago. There's no reason you need to stick your nose in our business. You have caused so much hurt especially this past week. Back off and have a nice life without my husband.

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