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TEXT TOPIC: What are you afraid to pass down to your kid?

My sassy 4 yr old is super impatient...just. like. ME! She gets it from me. Little hot head!

10 yo Son has my stress level and husbands temper. It's awful to watch him deal and know we're responsible. Therapy is coming this year

I pray everyday that my kids fight the horrible addiction tendencies from their dad.

My daughter got her father's Granny Grunt personality dry sense of humor very serious. Every once in a while my dark humor shows up and I say "oh well there I am"

I yawn like a elephant in distress. Its loud, it's obnoxious. It involves many facial expressions. It scares people around me. It's not like I can control it. My wife hates it. Now my 9 year old son yawns like me and I can't stand hearing him. It's like he's purposely trying to fake it. It's disrespectful to those of us that can't control our bodily sounds.

I hate getting in trouble or feeling like Im in trouble (Im 32 years old and still struggle with it). My daughter cries if you even ask her to come talk to you or look at her the wrong way. I hate that I'm like that and feel so bad I've passed it to her

I have a daughter she's 11, she's loud and impatient like me

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