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TEXT TOPIC: Weirdest thing you've heard or seen during a job interview?

I was phone interviewing someone she flushed the toilet & continued as if nothing happened she then told me how she knew she would get the job SHE DIDNT EW

I was interviewing a guy (about 19) and per our interview questions I had to ask him how he handles constructive feedback on his work. He said "what are you going to do if you don't like my work, stab me with a fork?" I was like "What? Where did that come from?!"

The BEST thing about reviewing job applications was always the email addresses. Completely inappropriate and unprofessional - use your imagination. We usually filtered those apps out for no interview offered

this lady brought her kids to her interview. She couldn't focus at all. To top it off she had a head phone in the other ear the whole time.

once in a restaurant interview I was asked to tell the 3 little pigs. Later found out it's user to see how descriptive you can be.

I was interviewing a lady and asked about a time she had to deal with a stressful situation, she started crying and told me about how her husband had recently left her for their FOSTER DAUGHTER!!!!! Ummmm.....What?!?!

i was shadowing my manager doing an interview for an entry level call center job. The guy asked if they tested for Marijuana in the drug test ??

was in an interview was offered the job and at the end they asked me to Not come to work in my pajamas... I was in a really cute dress with a cardigan on

interviewed I was asked if I had children and if I had a good husband because I may have to work longer hours and they couldn't be bothered with my children! Looked at them and said well that's inappropriate but yes my husband is supportive

Weird convo came up at interviews. When I brought up that my buddy that worked there already. His nick name is/ was "BJ". After I said that there was a very awkward silence. Then the interview ended... Lol

A lady showed up with her son in a stroller to her interview and when she got called back to talk to my boss she asked me and my coworker to keep an eye on her kid

interview.guy asked me if I considered myself black or white.I told him he might want to ask the q again. He meant if I looked at life black or white & no grey area

lady showed up for interview in gardening clothes and dirty fingernails

did an interview and during the interview they said they weren't interested in the job they just wanted to learn what was done so they could open the same type of company. I thanked them for their time and then they asked me how they got paid for their interview. Um what?

I had Contacted an applicant that applied for our company and when I was trying to establish an interview time, he kept trying to get me to come and do the interview at his house. He said he didn't have a ride, so it would work better for him if I was able to come to his house for the interview. Needless to say, I told him to contact me when he was able to establish a ride to our facility (in hopes that I would never hear from him again).

Interviewed someone who asked so.. how often do you guys drug test. Ummm nope didn't get the job

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