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TEXT TOPIC: Did you get hurt over the holiday weekend?

Me! I was packing up from bear lake had to take stuff up a rocky hill biffed it and scraped and bruised my knees bad laid there like bag of potato

we went camping and the dogs were in the trailer I opened the door and my 80 lb lab jumped out hitting me right in the head and knocked me to the ground. I'm 5ft 4" 120 lbs. I think she gave me whip lash!!

My boyfriend -we moved to our new house and he kept cutting himself on things, tripping on nothing and at one point he fell down the stairs. I know who the klutz is in this relationship lol

broke my middle toe! Owie!

My friend steps off my patio (one step down) stepped wrong and her foot bruises. X-ray says spiral fracture on her mid metacarpal. Today she flies to New York for vacation. No weight bearing and has a scooter now.

Rode horses this weekend, no injury while riding but was headbutted by my horse after. Eye piercing went into another part of the skin and sporting a black eye.

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