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TEXT TOPIC: When you came out to the family, was it good or bad?

I came out on your show several years back. I called my mom live on air, scared out of my mind and she was very accepting and said she would love me no matter what

I was 16, arguing w/parents bc I had snuck out. My mom yelling @ me saying I was going to end up pregnant or something, I blew up & said u dont have 2 worry about that bc I like girls She acted so dramatic like she was going to faint & ran away. My dad just looked @ me & walked away. We never spoke of it again

when I came out my mom said "I already knew" and I asked how... did you catch me by looking at the browsing history? And she said no... a psychic told me earlier this year. Hahaha

I am 22 and engaged to a man and have his baby and came out to him this year that I'm bisexual! He was completely accepting and very curious. He's amazing!

Kissed a guy for the first time and realized I was gay. Ended up getting mono, and everyone kept asking "what girls have you been kissing?" To tease me. Realized I didn't want to hide anymore, so I came out! Been very lucky to have supportive friends and family!

coming out was terrible, no one accepted me to the point where I'm not allowed to hold or be around my brothers kids apparently that's how you catch the gay

fam was great but mom said, "So have you taken it up the butt? I have and it hurts. If I had to do that I would not be gay" if you think TMI, imagine how I felt. ??

came out as bisexual to mom. She said great! can you pass the butter? Came out to my husband as bisexual. Turns out he is too! So we came out together

when my son came out to just me (I'm the mom) I could tell something was bothering him. So he and i were talking.. I asked if he got a girl pregnant? He was like, OMG no!! LOL! We still laugh about that! He said, mom, I'm gay! I hugged him and said alright! How can I support you!! I love him with all of my heart!!

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