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TEXT TOPIC: What is something you used without the owners permission?

my parents were out of town so a couple families from the neighborhood got together and played volleyball and went swimming in their backyard

would use my parents house as a party pad while they were out of town. I also drove my step dads $120,000 truck

My fathers Italian sports car he knows I drive it but probably not as often as I do??

I'm an actress, & was filming a movie in North Carolina. In an abandoned house location we were filming in, I found a closet of beautiful dresses exactly my size. I had to steal them, of course. The house was abandoned anyway!! I had a crew lady help me sneak as many as possible to my hotel, & then back to Utah without the director or producers knowing.

Me and my ex girlfriend at the time always snuck into to her neighbors pool at night and went skinny dipping aww I miss her I should give her a call thinking about it lol

My friend and her husband had their car in the shop for a week. Month later the cops showed up at her house to arrest her husband for a hit and run because the suspect looked just like him and the car was registered to him. They were able to prove that it was in the shop at the time and it turns out one of the employees had been out joy riding in it and how to hit and run.

Asked my sister to watch my apartment and cats while I was out of town for the week. Told her she could use the pool/ eat my food, whatever she needed BUT not to touch my car.... she touched my car.

when me and my friends were 15, my friend and her family went out of town so we decided to throw a house party in her house. She knew but her parents didn't. We ended up losing the cat. Wasn't ever confronted about it. Not sure if they ever knew

had friends use my bed for you know what...??(more than once) I didn't find out until 5 years later. Haha

my parents and my uncle went out of town one weekend and my uncle left his 1990 Ford mustang 5.0 at my house. He left the keys and I took it for a joyride all weekend. Took it to school on that Friday. Was awesome to drive a stick.

we went out of town found out our neighbors had the men's youth quorum come to a bbq and played Basketball on our half court and jumped on our trampoline in our backyard!!

my apartment flooded my neighbor let store some of my stuff for a few days,weeks later I knocked on her door to get my stuff ,she was watching my porno collection

Neighbors went out of town &had a younger newly wed couple watch their house/ dog. They had a big party &were driving their cars all week. One day they backed into me as we were both backing up. They tried to claim they weren't driving it & it was all my fault. I refused to take the fall.

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