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TEXT TOPIC: Where were you when you broke a piece or furniture?

at an air bnb in park City. Drunk jumping from Bunk bed to bunk bed

first time having s** ever, sat on the end of the futon bed after, trying to be cute, the futon leg broke, it crashed to the floor and broke the frame. I was 120 lbs and felt like an elephant, he laughed, kissed me and told me he loved me

It wasn't me but I was a coldstone once when a chair broke under a lady eating icecream. She was sooooo embarrassed. She wasn't a big person at all and it was just a totally freak accident, but she looked like she was going to crawl under a rock.

I broke a lobby coffee table in Puerto Vallarta while dancing on it! Good[d times!

broken furniture. Ripped a headboard of the wall in a hotel in Boston. (Needed more traction) I didn't know it wasn't hooked to the bed. LoL. +Z+

my wife and I were at a hotel in Hawaii. There was a wicker chair on the balcony. Late at night, we started having sex in the chair and the bottom ripped out so my butt fell through. We just laughed and went inside to finish.

I was at home. Went to sit on my kitchen chair by sitting on my left leg. Sat down and the wooden chair broke and the wood went into the back of my leg. I got 38 stitches. That was my first stitches ever at 50 and no Im not a heavy person

Outside plastic chair. My bro in law sat down whole family was there. All 4 legs went out a once and he went straight down. At the time he was 300+. It was hilarious.

i was About 300lbs at a bday party sat on a lower plastic beach type chair, as soon as I sat it just collapsed into pieces. To make it worse my 3 yr old runs up & says mommy maybe you ate too much cake.

Went to dinner at Wolfgang Pucks restaurant at Universal Studios (2004) The table was near the front and in front of wall window. Was about to sit down, when Enrique Iglesias walked in, we said HI (like a bunch 12 yrs olds); Enrique says "Ladies sit and enjoy dinner" as we did not one but 2 chairs BROKE! Not only did it happens in front of a celeb but in front of a huge window; we are not large. She was soooo embarrassed I was too but I laughed so hard and I just remembered Enriques eyes being all huge and restaurant manager apologized and comped our meals and drinks.

a few weeks ago I stretched in my chair at work and I broke the back. I've been so embarrassed about it I've just kept using it and forgetting it's broken. I've almost fell out of the chair MANY times.

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