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Trey Kennedy on Instagram

Sego Lily Flower Farm

Hometown Take over HGTV

Caputo’smarket and deli

Boss Baby #2

new episodes of TOO HOT TO HANDLE came out today on Netflix ????

CinN-A-Freak out of Grantsville, their cinnamon kettle corn is the best! Never had anything like it. Can't get enough.

on my radar is a Netflix movie called "Vampires vs The Bronx" is it PG-13 it is funny and a fun little family movie

Bad Ass Coffee in West Jordan! Literally such good coffee!

"myths and legends" podcast. They research and find myths and legands as well as the origins around the world. The host then retells them in his own often comical way while remaining as accurate as possible. I've heard stories from Russia, Africa and Japan to the odessey,

American Wellness and Rehab Clinic in Murray. They have been helping my 8 year old with his autism and anxiety. I saw results after only few therapy sessions. They are changing his life

on my radar is a local coffee company called Outskirts roasting coffee! It is soo delicious! It's available online or in a few select grocery stores! Love supporting local!

the olive oil cake from Tulie Bakery---- Tulie Bakery is by far the best bakery in SLC. Everything is good! Frankie, it's next to Caputos on 15th and 15th or another location off 900 East and 700 South. They make the best cakes, bakery items and homemade jams and granola. My favorite is the dark chocolate salted Carmel cake.

Silk pillowcases from The Silk Treatment. They've changed my hair, skin, and my sleep. You'll never sleep on anything else!!!

the hydra bar, they are a small minority woman owned spa. Tracee is spectacular and my hydra facial with the jelly mask changed my skins entire look and feel!!! They saved me!

If u like stones & crystals (Kylie) there is the native American trading post off of 39th S. and Redwood. The vibe is amazing, selection is great & Derwyn who runs the shop is incredible! Check it out.

Netflix movie called prison break

blue lemon! I go to the one in Farmington but there's one in salt lake too. It's so good.

Dr Burton's podcast is so good – mental health matters

strawberry reservoir going camping there for the first time so any recommendations welcome

binge watching Las Vegas TV series. Loved the show when it was on network TV. I think NBC back in the day.

Making the Team: Dallas Cowboys Cheerleaders. Binge watching all the seasons. Love the first few episodes of each season the best (auditions) but each season is fun!

Korean drama and tv show 911 from Hulu

strange planet cartoons by Nathan Pyle. They're hilarious!

The chosen! New episode tonight! Can't wait!

Pizzeria Tasso – Holladay

Fatherhood – Kevin Hart – Listener Tony Tafoya

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