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TEXT TOPIC: What big life changes have you had in this past year?

My baby girl (2/19/2020) lost her fiance in November to a motorcycle ??? accident and then found out she was pregnant a few weeks later. Baby due in a few more weeks. Changed all our lives.

Had a preemie baby, finally went to therapy and quit my job to focus on my mental health and baby.

Big change: Got married and bought our first house!

Lost my job, left utah, moved in with my parents (on the east coast), closed on a house today in Tennessee. Minor life changes lol. Oh, and got a new job.

separated from wife of 18 yrs been together 24. Extremely hard not being with my kids everyday. Huge change way hard. Still love her to death

cancer diagnosis at age 27 in 2019. Relapsed in 2020. Had a bone marrow transplant and now on maintenance chemo

lost 100 lbs, bought a house, had a baby, turned 30!

past year and a half I started a new relationship 6 weeks before the lockdown, moved in together last July, started a new stressful job last October, got a puppy in November, totaled my car in December and got a concussion, I bought a new car in January, quit my job this month, just bought a house and we're doing renovations. Feel like I've reached my limit lol

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