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TEXT TOPIC: Want to come clean about a lie you told your parents in HS?

in High School I backed my Dad's brand new truck into a light pole and dented the bumper. I still blame it on my older brother 24 years later.

Broke the speedometer going over 80 on Bangerter. (30 yr old truck only read up to 80) I just told them it randomly busted. Completely believable with that old thing.

I was very involved in school activities so if I knew my parents would say no I would just tell them I was doing something for school and go hang with friends. Sometimes they would come check for my car, so I would leave it there and take a friend's car

a lie I told my mom when I was 16 was my group of friends went to see "8 crazy nights" with Adam Sandler, instead we saw "8 mile" with Eminem

I lied to my parents by telling them I was straight. I'm hella gay lol

I ALREADY know how bad this is. I was 16 and introduced my eff buddy to my parents as another HS student (he was a 23 yr old Juvenile Detention worker)! I thought it was cool but now being 37 know it's SOOOO ILLEGAL!! He had a young looking face.

so many lies. One was on nye. Said I was at a friends house. Really we were at some guys apt getting wasted. Still had to make curfew so a friend had to drive me home and we pull in as my parents are getting home

My older brother and I lied to our grandma we lived in Wendell Idaho so very small town and told her the whole school was doing a movie day at the theater and we needed money to go, we skipped school and went to Star Wars instead ?????? I was 13 he was 15

I lied about everything just to do anything. Went on a date at 15, was with friends, stayed at my bfs house said I was at April's many more

When I was a senior, my parents thought I would go to early morning workouts. I was really meeting up with my then boyfriend who they hated. Now he's my husband and my moms prince. Hahahah

I skipped school and drove to St. George for lunch, told my mom went to a friends. Also broke my transmission in half flying out of a canyon told mom I his a pot hole, kinda true

went 2 a friend's house when I was supposed to b smwhere else. Her dad didn't see my car parked behind him,he backed right into it. I begged him to tell my dad he backed into me at the store and my parent's still don't know

I would skip school but when the automated call came from the school saying I missed I would tell my mom that i was in school but my teacher must have marked me instead of the other girl with my same name gone. Thank goodness there were two of us with the same name in several of the same classes.

at one of my ' sleep overs' at my friends house we actually took a road trip to Idaho to see a boy that I liked. Neither of us have our licenses.

in hs I'd pretend to be my mom on the phone and cover for my older brother who was always skipping school

Lied to my mom about being at a movie and went in some older dudes tiny airplane! Flew all over the valley. I told mom yrs later & she still doesn't believe me. I'd kill my daughter if she did that.

used to skip school and I knew what time the school would call so I'd go sit by the landline and right at 5pm I'd answer the call and listen for a second then hang up

I lied about my boyfriend (now husbands) age to my parents. He was 21 and I was 18. They'd know I was drinking if they knew he was 21 ?? on his "21st" birthday they asked him what it felt like to be 21. He said same as it did last year

Lies I told my parents: I'm not high, I'm just tired.

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