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TEXT TOPIC: What is your PAT text?

Can I start my PAT early? Quit acting like it's your 1st day here. I do everything all the time and when I ask you to do one thing you hard sigh.

"PAT" don't dish the shiz talk if you can't take the shiz talk, I mean what kinda "man" tattles on a woman that stood up for herself FINALLY

you claim to be my BFF but yet you don't know what you did wrong, it's not a competition oh who's had a harder life. Own up to your crap!

Mom, just because you aren't hiding in your room as much doesn't mean you are more present with my little sisters, put down your phone, tell your friends no, focus on them. They have been through so much and deserve to turn out better than me. Do better for them this time

Alex, stop ignoring the red flags. U haven't hit 3 months w ur gf and u have had endless problems. U told everyone u were breaking up w her & now u changed ur mind again. U are in a tumultuous relationship, get out. In the 3 months u have only seen her in person 30 days total & have tried to break up with her 5 times. That's not a healthy relationship.

Passive aggressive tuesday? Oh my hell I have a lot to say. Let's start with entitled Uber passengers. Listen here a-holes, you get one stop request, not 30, and we're not waiting longer than 3 minutes. We don't get paid to wait. Also, tip your damn driver

How about you stop doing drugs with your son, letting him manipulate You, and Stop sticking up for him when he's being a disgusting human being? Try being a mom first and grow up

I am so sick of you feeling like the world owes you something for your zero effort. Get off your ass and work for what you want. I bought and paid for this car so why do you feel I should just give it to you for free?? ????

Hubby really get over your attitude! Holy crap! Is it your time of the month?

I'm fine if you are atheist but you need to live and let live don't knock on my family for having faith in anything it's not cool

thanks dad for talking down on me all I wanted was for you to be proud , but the world revolves around you instead

To the dirtbag who punched me in the back of the head at country jam. I hope you have the day you deserve..

to my in-laws. We're not invited to family vacations, mother & father days celebrations, or family parties & u wonder why u don't have a relationship with our kids???You're freaking dumb!!!

Mike move out of your moms house your 65 be a big boy and stop squatting.

to the person who known they have to be out of their house for the last three months. It's annoying that you expect everybody to drop what they are doing to help you pack the day/night before you have to be out after you have been going on trip and not caring about your move.

to the ex wife you left me. Don't be all in your feelings because I found out about your only fans. This is going to favor me for the custody of our daughter. Cynthia my ex was trying to be a hoefessional

One more. The anger is strong today. Nate, you're a D

JESSICA, the Customer Care department would be better WITHOUT you. You SUCK as a manager. Every time I walk by your desk you're playing on your phone!

Quit being a grumpy pants, do your job, have a better attitude!!

dear co-worker don't tell me to take initiative, and then second guess me when I do!!!

girl, you're 5 months pregnant and still smoking weed.. you claim it's the only way you can "eat", but it's so bad for the baby! Someone's gonna call CPS on you!

he may be my dad but he is your husband. I take care of him best I can but I have my own kids I'm trying to take care of while in the process of moving. Stop making it seem inconvenient just to take him to a doctor appointment

To a certain store manager. I know this year has been hard for you but please step up to the plate here and take action on crap that goes on here.

hey religious people, your religion is only for you, stop shoving it down everyone's throat. You're not special.

To the girl that keeps putting her boyfriend above her kids when are you going to learn he doesn't like your kids or you your just a booty call

Quit volunteering me to do what you don't want to.

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