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TEXT TOPIC: What did a family member say to you and it still hurts you?

Now ex husband said, "you'd never abuse anyone. You're just a liar & manipulator"

My Mother blaming me for my brother molesting me. I was 8 or 9. Obviously I'm an adult now and know she wasn't really blaming me but that was tough

had uncle call me Ugly every time he saw me.

After my nieces death my sister, in her grief, told me what a terrible Uncle I was. I still carry that shame with me.

last fall my mom made a side comment about how I should never have kids because she doesn't want to raise it. I'm 31 have my own place great job and 17 weeks pregnant. She said she didn't mean it like it sounds but I won't ever forget it

Last year I was diagnosed with an aggressive breast cancer. Four months before my diagnosis I had done a full Iron Man. I am now trying to get my life back, but I'm not nearly as fast as I used to be because of all that I've been through. My husband told me that I am no longer "race material."

have a sister who told me I hated her and that I wasn't worth a breath, mil told me god punished me when I had a miscarriage, aunts husband who literally called me every name in the book. And they all wonder why I have self esteem issues

Husband at the time said to me, "You are just like your closet, when someone walks into the room everything looks perfect and amazing but when you open the door, it's a hell of a mess!"

When I came out to my family over 15 years ago my brother threatened my mom that she needed to choose sides because what I was doing was wrong. I haven't talked to him since.

I was 18 & my dad thought I did something that I didn't. He said he's seen female dogs with better morals than me. I'm 45 now & it still hurts

I was having an argument with my dad as an adult about my divorce. As if that weren't bad enough he then proceeded to tell me that we aren't close because I was a "weird kid". So effing weird and just sat in my room all the time. That I was such a weird kid that he wondered if I was molested or something....sadly I was but he doesn't know that. I will never forget how that made me feel.

I was a heavyset kid and my grandpa asked me what I wanted to be when I grew up. I said I want to be a cowgirl in the rodeo. He said "there are no fat cow girls in the rodeo!" Stuck with me all my life.

My Dad has said a lot of negative things to me over the years here is one of many he has compared me to my siblings saying they have a career and I only have a job, also how they raised their children better than me and my ex. It hurts.

@ 15 mom & I had fight. I asked y can't she speak more kindly 2 me. Her response "U expect me 2 watch what I say 2 my own family" narcs can't love

when I was 16 I got my gf pregnant and my uncle (my moms brother) told me I'm going to be like my dad, a coward. Since he walked out on my mom and my siblings. I'm 32 married with my than girlfriend with 3 kids.

family member said I have no values, compassion and that I am racist because If my political party. So not true and it cut to the core. Haven't spoke in over a year

my dad once told me he wished he had raised me I would've turned out better, which actually if he had I would've been at complete disaster. He was delusional

Sister said "she has a guy for anything except herself"

I was told by my husbands family member I was born selfish, raised selfish, and will be nothing but selfish the rest of my life.

in my graduation my mom instead of saying congratulations & being happy for me that I graduated with honors and in the top 1% of my class she came to me & said "it could of been highest honors but you didn't" & it wasn't like she didn't mean it cuz she kept repeating to my family & friends still hurts

my mom said I was lazy when I was a teenager. We now know I have an autoimmune disease 30 years later which explains my lifelong exhaustion, it still hurts

When I was 13 my alcoholic dad told me one night that my mom took her own life cause she knew I would be gay and couldnt love me. 31 now and don't have relationship with him but still hurts.

My brother told that I was never going to be more than a truck driver a few years ago that I was going thru a down . And he lives in Miami and he now always hitting me up now to borrow money from me . And I own my brand new 3800 square foot home in West Jordan and own 4 cars and work at Kennecott. And he rents and never has money for anything . There's nothing wrong with renting but this truck driver has made more of my self than him . But that has always hunt me . Love you guys

while broken up my now wife posted on FB about me saying I thought The world revolved around my fat ass. I have always been overweight and to this day I never believe her completely when she tells me she thinks I'm that beautiful

when I was in high school I was trying different make up and my mother walks up to me and says "you shouldn't wear lipstick because you do funny things with your mouth". Can't wear lipstick to this day. I'm 58.

My grandma would tell me my big nose made me look just like my dad. My dad moved away/abandoned us after the divorce. I hated being reminded I looked like him. I got a nose job.

my cousin told me that her and my siblings call each other and make fun of me and think I'm so stupid. When she sees me she hugs me and says she loves me. WTF

My sister said my life seems easy. I've been divorced, lost my job, had to move back in with my parents. She is married with 2 kids. Just because her life looks different, doesn't make my life "easy" by any means.

My grandma told me my grandpa was disappointed in me and it all extended from making cookies. Although I've moved on I can still remember her saying it and how much it hurt.

I have generic bags under my eyes that I have always been insecure about and wanted surgery. One day my mother in law said, "you should get your upper droopy eyelids fixed along with the eye bags" now I am insecure about my upper and lower eyes. I can't stop seeing it.

just like you Jess I never thought I had a big nose until my ex husband brought it up. Now I'm self conscious about it. He also would not service me down below saying not only that I had a smell but until I lost weight would he do anything. I was super paranoid. But never ever come a tower that issue with any future sex partner. He was a Narc. So it made sense he was a jerk.

my aunt told me that it's my fault my son has speech and developmental delays because I work too much, and had him premature

Sister told me I have to wear bangs because I have a big forehead. I'm now 52 & I'm Finally rocking no bangs. I don't look to shabby.

Went to my ex-wife's graduation. My dad said that this would be the only time he'd get to attend something like that. I was in school at the time. Since then I got my associates, bachelor's, and master's degrees. Didn't invite him to any of the ceremonies.

everytime I speak to my mother she keeps telling me how much of a failure I am because I am not married. She said my dad is ashamed of me around his friends because his frds kids are all getting married

my dad told me at 14 "no man will ever love you if you are fat". I'm single, have weight issues, and self esteem issues.

my mom said I should drop out of hight school and become of a prositute. When I was 14. Only because I wore tank tops. When she wore tub tops.

I have had my grandmother sit next to me at family parties 8 years ago and tell me that she hates people with tattoos... I've gotten 15 + tattoos. I just told her well that's your right but I choose not to have people We are fine and I still go visit her but it still sticks with me

My husband and I were 18 an just lost our child to SIDS and about 2 months after my daughter's death my mother-in-law left a message on our phone saying the next time you have a child to bury don't call me. 28 years later still hurts. She denied it.

mom told me at age 11 or 12/ you better watch what you put in your mouth or you'll be a big as the side of a barn

My mom I was maybe 40lbs at 13yrs and she told me that my arse was far and I would never amount to anything. So I work harder and have had body issues my whole life finally at 51yrs I am comfortable with myself and have accomplished more than she did before she passed

at 12 I asked how I came to be. He said he never wanted me, he just had me to shut my mom up about having a girl.

my ex-husband used to call me a fat bitch all the time. I struggle with self-esteem every day, but I lost a bunch of weight so ha! Funny thing is, I gained all my weight because of the way he treated me and the stress it caused me. We are divorced now and I have lost all my weight.

ll my siblings have a different dad then me My step dad said I would never make it cuz my father left me. But I have build my life up and doing great and my siblings still don't have there diplomas and living from home

I had worked for 2 years to lose 60 lbs. after my 4th baby. my sister told me that walking wasn't good enough and I need to lift weights. I was in my best shape since Highschool but her comment made me feel like 60 lbs wasn't good enough. I tried to shrug it off but it got to me. It's contributed to me gaining 20 lbs back :(

mil told son/hubby last wk if he made better friends in hs he would not have made bad choices. She was gone whorring around, never home since baby

My grandma would tell me my big nose made me look just like my dad. My dad moved away/abandoned us after the divorce. I hated being reminded I looked like him and hated seeing myself in the mirror. I got a nose job.

My closest brother said that I would not know the truth if it bitt me in the butt, that I was a manipulator and shallow. Our relationship changed forever.

after I miscarried triplets in the 2nd trimester my grandma told me that it was for the best since I couldn't handle triplets. It was my 5th miscarriage and I had lost 7 babies by then. Still breaks my heart.

my aunt told me she didn't like the guy I was dating (I was 15) I deserved better. Now 40, married for 21yrs with that guy, have 3kids, best hubby ever!

When I was 5 years old my mother said she hated having a son and wish I was never born. Is I lived a very abused life by her. I'm now 56. We don't talk

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