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TEXT TOPIC: How did you find out a loved one died?

Working in the oil field, no cell phone service. Area manager had to drive 3.5 hours to come and tell me. Finished my shift and then they helicoptered me out.

I found out my mom passed while I was doing my crane inspections at work. My brother called to tell me. I was outside her hospital window just 12 hours before. (Covid precaution)

My mom was at work one day & I was at her house waiting for her to take a lunch so I listened to her voicemails and my aunt asked that she call her back. I got on fb & saw that my cousin had posted that my grandma had passed a few hours earlier. I was pissed. My cousin and I haven't spoken since & that was almost 10 years ago.

we were flying to Florida for our wedding. While on our delay in Dallas we received a voice-mail that my soon to hubby dad had suddenly passed. Was not expected at all.

Found out on fb that my 6 month old grandson passed away from SIDS the next morning. I was so furious and hurt that nobody called me and to find out on social media is a deeper kind of hurt

My Twin Brother my best friend for almost 68 years lives in LA I had a sick feeling that morning called and text several times I knew he was gone when he didn't respond confirmed that afternoon via a call from a mutual friend he passed sometime after midnight. ????

I just got to college in central Pennsylvania where I got a text from my dad that my grandma had just passed away. I had no cell service for calls there. I was in was 3 hours away from any airport. I had to miss the funeral too

my husband's best friend of leukemia when he was 19, his mom left a post it note on his bed. They were Twins(arnold/danny), and closest can be. He still remembers how devastating that a piece of yellow paper did this

found out my aunt passed away on social media. Another family member thought it was ok to post before all immediate family had been notified. So many people were pissed, she didn't care.

I've had two instances... My dad text me to tell me his mom (my grandma) had passed away. Then, years later, when my grandpa passed away I had to find out by my cousins Facebook post. When I reached out to my cousin about it, all she had to say was, "oh I've been meaning to message you" ??????? awful feeling!

I found out my ex father in law died and my son who is actually related to him was devastating. It was all thru Facebook.

I found out my grandpa died through Facebook

I found out that my dad's mother, my grandma had died through Facebook. It was on another family members page.

my mother in law passed the day before my brother in law got released from jail. Husband had to tell him when he picked him up

found out my sister was killed in a car accident the day before but the worst part is that I worked at the same company as my dad and ALL my coworkers knew before I did, I found out later that night. Made sense why everyone at work was looking at me weird.

my Grammy was doing fine but then broke a bone and declined and passed in a week. My mom didn't tell me they were taking her off life support. Two nights before on speaker I "spoke" to her and asked her to wake up for thanksgiving. I found out via a group txt from my aunt about the decision. I would have said something different to her if I had known.

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