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TEXT TOPIC: Who did your spouse cheat on you with?

my son to be ex has cheated on me twice: recently with a coworker, and while I was pregnant with a girl he used to work with but didn't anymore at the time

he cheated with a girl he plays video game with so when I found out I found her husband and told him now they can play "video games together" and not have to worry about being caught ??

My husband cheated on me with the mother of one of his children. Idk why I stayed he's stuff it's that big!

my ex cheated with a buddy's girlfriend, 2 girls he worked with, an old girlfriend, and one other girl he met at work

fianc cheated on me with our kids daycare teacher. She's 12yrs older than him but I was going thru hrt failure & surgeries & she prayed on his vulnerability of needing attention

my ex H would create Craig lists adds seeking sex while married. He would stay out late saying he's"working" got blackmailed for money by one chick.

my now ex-wife cheated on me with my other ex-wife

My husband cheated on me with MY EX. Yes you got that right. Found out he is bisexual.

My ex husband is a cop and had several affairs with other female cops he worked with.

Cheated with a so called "friend" from church. Bishop knew they were cheating and did nothing.

hubby cheated with an old friend from Highschool, his friends sister who had a crush on him, and a bigger lady even tho he said he would never do a big lady. We are still together.

my soon to be ex husband cheated with an ex girlfriend and then random girl from the club while I was pregnant. He came clean when my son was 4 months old and left us alone

With a girl he worked with years before. They always wondered what it would be like. I was 5months pregnant. Found out 5 years ago. My son is 13 now. We are still together

My EX husband cheated with the girl across the street how I found out was they both were outside in there own yards and I looked out the front door and I saw the look they were giving each other right then I knew they were sleeping together

Mine cheated with nearly everyone possible at work. Its a mental health hospital (go figure) and he had an affair with the yoga instructor (which she is admittedly everyones mistress) yet she teaches enlightenment lmao!! A married woman, a counselor there, nurses, you name it. I think most of them need a room there, not a job! Smh

I cheated on my ex with his sister Whoops. Now I'm married to a female #lesbehonest

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