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TEXT TOPIC: What is a bad habit you have?

a bad habit I do it I don't pick up after myself when I'm done, a bad habit my hubby does is he doesn't help with any of the household chores

One of bad habits is I put my clothes on the kitchen chairs and not putting them away and my wife's BH is watching and commenting to the television programs all the time

I leave kitchen cupboards open, my husband leaves his damn shoes RIGHT in front of the door. So you either stumble over them trying to get out the door, or trip over them coming in! ????

so I hate that my husband doesn't put his hangers in the front of the closet he just rippes his shirt off, my thing I do that he hates is I put empty cans in the sink

Bad habit I have I leave my shoes wherever I want to relax which usually in front of the couch. My girlfriend leaves articles of clothing everywhere including her bras lol

A bad habit my spouse has is he always leaves his wrappers and soda cans on the side table by the couch he never throws away his garbage. A bad habit I have is I never make my bed.

both my husband and I leave our dirty clothes on the bathroom floor when taking a shower. Now our kids are doing it and we get mad at them

I don't put my clothes away after trying a bunch or when I get home and changed out, it gets piled onto the table and chair in the bedroom for weeksss. The husband likes to leave things out instead of putting it away because he said," If it is something I use everyday, why do I need to put it away?"

me: I hate hanging up my clothes from a load of laundry... let them sit way too long him: hangs his sweaty workout clothes over the tub and leaves them

My bad habit: I never screw lids on correctly. My significant other: throws clothes on the damn floor! Next to the hamper

I leave crap everywhere and he leaves the peanut butter on the effing knife he will never rinse it off

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