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TEXT TOPIC: Your friend said something to you and it still haunts you?

friend of over 10 years when I showed her a new outfit I was wearing told me men don't fall in love with my clothes but thank god for my personality. She and I are not speaking. Hurts deep.

A 'friend' in high school math class said I was so white, if you threw me naked in a pile of snow you wouldn't be able to find me again. It stuck, everyone in that class laughed, and I always got told that for having such a fair complexion. It still bothers me to this day.

Had a guy friend that I slept with a few years into the friendship. He then asked me to not tell people because he was embarrassed about it because of how I looked and my weight, but still wanted to sleep together. Random guys have said this to me and I didn't care but him saying it still effects me years later

I had a really close friend group of 4 in high school. One day my friend told me that I was, "the fat one in the group." That was like 10 years ago and I can't forget it. It haunts me.

I had a friend tell me after I had a miscarriage and my other friend was pregnant and three days after the miscarriage I went to her baby shower and told me to suck it up because it was my other friends time to shine some people don't understand the loss of a child

In Jr high school and my "best friend" told me "you'd be pretty if you wore some make up ". yeah nice way to totally destroy an insecure Jr high school girl even more. She was in modeling classes and always perfectly made up.

My friend was in an accident and was in the hospital and introduced me to her nurse as the fing ice princess still hurts

I had a friend tell me the shape of my boobs was weird and I couldn't wear certain shirts because of it.

my friend stopped talking to me when I told her I was pregnant. ..she said I was too old to have a baby...I was 38 and it was a miracle baby because my husband had had a vasectomy reversal 9 months prior!

in high school 2009 one of my dorm mates/friends told me she can see me growing up to be the alcoholic lonely crazy widow that lives at a ritzy hotel and often wears her wedding dress while drunk crying

some friends and I went bowling and I wanted to wear something comfortable and cute and I really thought my outfit looked cute that day once I got to the bowling place they both said I dressed like a hobo and I still think about that to this today

my best friend made a comment about me haven wrinkles around my eyes I'm 29 it was 3 months ago and I can't get over plus she is 27 and is so wrinkly worry about your face and Moisturize

I graduated from an alternative high school and my best at the time said I can get a frame that matches theirs and I can pretend my diploma is real

Last fall, my friend and I were discussing politics. We are on different ends of the political spectrum. I am a immigrant who came to this country legally with nothing to my name, worked extremely hard in school while working two jobs to support myself. I've never accepted a handout. My friend was born in this country, had her schooling, car, gas, and rent paid for by her parents while going to school, yet she actually stated that I was privileged and the exception to immigrants which is why I'll never understand how illegal immigrants feel. Thinking about that to this day still hurts my heart.

A "close friend" said no matter how you stand you'll always look fat

My best friend told me I would look better with contacts instead of glasses. I ended up getting contacts and that's when I got asked out for the 1st time. It hurts to know that I Was as ugly as I thought I was with glasses.

one of my close older friends told me after not seeing me for a while I was getting too chubby and needed to do something about it.

I was dancing competitively, my mom died I was 16 life changing so I told my studio director I was done dancing and she had The nerve to say "your mother would be rolling over in her grave right now" can't look at this woman the same. We were soo close and I looked up to her until that day

My best guy friend in high school (20years ago) I was the kind of girl every guy wanted as a friend but would never date

my friend told my other friend she has a gobble crotch (longer labia) while she didn't say it to me I heard and was the same as that friend. It effected me all through my marriage. I finally got surgery because I was so insecure about it and thought I didn't look normal

I am a red head and all my friends called me Red Dog all thru school still hurts too this day

my friend told me, It's hard to be your friend. I never knew what it means, but I am so bugged by it because it hurt. Also- AT LEAST YOU HAVE SUCH A BEAUTIFUL FACE... never forgot it

in 4 grade my friend had acne but told my other friend "at least it not as bad as hers" ponted @ me.mine was bad. It hurt & today she suffers from it severely

Very vulgar rumors were spread about me in high school, my "best friend" would come tell me and held me while I broke and cried come to find out she was the one starting them. Talk about my start to trust issues and completely destroying me.

Showed not so close friend my messed up tumy tuck from 15 yrs ago. She said it looks like I have 2nd belly button. I'm very insecure. Have appt w/ surgeon

A friend in Jr High said we should weigh ourselves. I went first & was 150, she got on & was 140. She told me I was fat & I've struggled with my weight ever since. I look back at pictures & I was definitely proportionate with my height.

in high school, my close guy friend kicked a ball and it hit me in my chest/boobs by accident. It freakin' hurt. He said it can't hurt you have nothing there to hurt. Teen girl me was already self-conscious enough. Still bothers me 12 years later.

my best friend when we were 12 told me I had a terrible singing voice. We talked about it 15 years later and he didn't remember but it has stuck with me. He feels so bad that younger him said that and I can't get over it still all these years later

When I was in high school, it took me awhile to speak abou my my sexual assault and a friend asked me if I was sure I didnt want it, and I should just get over it.

In college my "best friend" & roommate saw me wearing a tank top and said whenever I see girls wearing tank tops all I can think is that they're hoes. (She didn't use the nice version of that word)

had a friend tell me when I was 7 that my legs were fat. Even if I was now a size 0, I'd always think my legs were fat

I moved in with my best friend who had nothing. I painted, cleaned, and refurnished the entire apartment. A year later, I spent a ton redecorating her room for her Xmas present. I was very generous to her and all my friends because that's how I show my love. We played the Girls Night Card game one night and she gave me a card that said "Who is the moocher friend that never pays for anything"....Ohh this was right before we went on a girls trip to Vegas and she lost her card the last day so I paid for quite a bit of her stuff and didn't ask her to repay it. It's fine. Everything's fine.

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