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TEXT TOPIC: Who in your life has no respect for your boundaries?

my in-laws get HARD boundaries with me. They attacked me in the family text for not voting Trump. Now they're blocked and we don't speak.

I have to set boundaries with my mom before this baby comes into the world---To be more specific. I have a toddler and can't help her like she did me. Which I feel bad

My ex mother and sister in law don't respect boundaries I've set regarding my kids. They decided my daughter has autism and without consulting me signed her up for an evaluation. So not ok

my best friend of 21 years. Constantly being walked all over by her! We booked a trip for a week together and in our group text she springs on us that her friends are both coming and already booked flights. So we now get to go on vacay and share a home WITH COMPLETE STRANGERS!! DIDN'T even ask us!!!

I own a cleaning company and my mom wants me to put on the schedule and clean her home each for free because quote I birthed you so it's your responsibility

my mom is staying with me while she gets back on her feet. She will not stop buying things like appliances for my house even though I've said not too because I need her to remember it's only temporary and I don't want her decorating my house.

my sister had to completely cut our mom out because my mom told my sister to not marry her now husband so that my sister could have my mom move into her house and my sister could take care of her full time. There's nothing wrong with our mom

women who set boundaries are told they are bitches. I think this is why women don't.

Ex-boyfriend it's been 5 years dude. You broke up with me STOP trying to have sex with me at this point it's assault coercion is not consent

Live with my MIL (mil basement), And my BIL comes over All. The. Time. And is always up in our space. He has NO boundaries and will go into our kitchen without even acknowledging us. He's also one we have to walk on egg shells with. MIL won't tell him no.

my ex best friend. I set boundaries and decided to distance myself for my mental health. She was toxic and consistently in my space. Always lying to insert herself in my life.

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