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TEXT TOPIC: Who snapped at you and for what?

I work in healthcare and I went to go talk to my supervisor about dropping my hours and when they asked why I wanted to drop my hours and I told them I was burnt out, she snapped back at me saying that that wasn't a good enough reason

I'm a nurse and had the meanest patient yesterday. Screamed and cussed at me all day long. We are so short staffed and barely surviving, it was a bad day

trying to go from inside garden center to outside garden to look for plants, passing the register, I said "excuse me" to get through and some lady went off on me about how I had to wait my turn, and how she was in line first, b 4 I could explain I was going outside.

you are talking about snapping at people currently my son is pacing the kitchen while I'm cooking & in my way I just snapped SIT DOWN!

My mom snapped at me I snapped at her I snapped on my son I mean we were just talking about my son he just turned 16 and he hasn't been really doing anything and just being lazy and so I wanted to at least like celebrate his birthday but I guess he didn't want to and so we're just all snapping at each other in it and we just kind of laughed about it though because we're just like oh my gosh what was that for

My husband snaps at me at least 1 a day....he's just an ass

Started a new job and I feel like I'm always tired and snapping at the fam!

My mom's neighbor snapped at me too grab her canopy because the wind picked up while I had my damn full

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