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TEXT TOPIC: What's on your Radar?

grove market and deli

dead sea spa nails -7th east – 21st south

my radar is Shadow and Bone on Netflix, I've heard this on what's on your radar before, it's fantasy and it's so good

The Band Inhaler is on my radar they are really good and the lead singer is Bono's Son from U2 they're coming next year to the depot.

I'm really enjoying meditation and positive affirmations! It's doing wonders for my postpartum anxiety!

The song Triggered by Skydxddy

cold season 2 episode 13 the FINAL episode is now available on amazon music for free. This is not the end of my GMA's story. We will get Justice for Joyce!! Thank you for all of the support! So bittersweet

switched on pop

song exploder – artist talking about the music

Rock & Ruddle brushes

Your honor – listener Brooke

Airplay – LGTV

Nail Expressions across from fashion place mall

Culver’s cheese curds

Board and Brush in Draper

The band YES

Donut Boy in West Valley. Best donut place around!

Lupin on Netflix is so good!

Don Pollo Mexican restaurant in Eden Utah..Yummy!!

on my radar is the "Confronting" podcast. Season 1 is Kim Goldman hosting and talking about OJ simpson. Season 2 is a victim from columbine that was on 2 hit lists. Super interesting!

on my radar is Aluva! An all natural wt loss clean energy line!! No crazy diet restrictions and I feel great!!

Gabfest Gals podcast... So hilarious!! – 2 local Utah girls

Town & Country Market 2840 S Main SLC. Best sandwiches. Check them out!

On my radar Is the podcast Paranormal Peeps I heard the guy when he got his blood drawn and decided to check it out not to bad they are funny

Ive just recently started watching Everwood on HBOmax, late to the game but I love it. They don't make shows like that anymore.

iHeart podcast called The Pikton Massacre. It's creepy but so good!

iHeartRadio podcast Camp Hell. A terrible story of how a system can be corrupted

I am into Schitts Creek reruns

Manifest on Netflix! It's so, so good!!

Hot dog is a sandwich podcast! All about fun food technicalities like "is the ocean a soup?" And of course " is a hot dog a sandwich ?"

Sake sushi and Ramen restaurant. Opened in 2/2020 , weeks before the shut down. Pulled through and just received 2nd place SLC Best Of for Japanese cuisine. A must try, Delicious food!

Currently listening to a podcast called romancing the pod it makes fun of romance movies and it is hilarious

Rebelutions new album In the moment is what's on my radar it's fire!

On the Radar - The book The Five. Talks about the history of Jack the Rippers victims. Podcast - Dr. Death. Season 1 - Duntsch, surgeon convicted of gross malpractice. Season 2 - Fata, prescribed chemo to patients who didn't need it.

lorenas Mexican restaurant in woods cross

I loved this show when I was a teenager but I've started watching it on Hulu. I've been binge watching fear factor. Love it!


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