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TEXT TOPIC: What is the grossest food your family made?

every day for school lunch in elementary, I would have a piece of bread with marshmallow cream on it. That's it. Looking back - so nasty!!

bread in milk, cottage cheese with maple syrup

peanut butter and mayonnaise sandwich I used to love that when my parents make it for me for lunch now my kids eat it.

Peanut butter wrapped in Bologna

butter on my tuna sandwiches, cant eat it without the butter and grew up with it-didnt know it was weird

We would have tuna fish with pickles and hard boiled eggs growing up. There were 8 kids and my mom did everything she could to stretch the budget

we ate Mayo/Miracle Whip sandwiches when we were little. Told my teenager about it recently and he gagged and said we were disgusting... my husband agreed. My son even called my brother to see if this was true... he laughed and said Yes we did eat that... That sounds good and said he was going to go make one. My son says we are just gross! What can I say... we were poor!

We were pretty poor so when we wanted a sweet treat & nothing was available my mom would use home canned tomatoes sprinkled with sugar or 2nd option was cheddar cheese chunks drizzled with maple syrup. I don't have either now, reminds me of being poor.

we eat blueberry muffins with our lasagna. As an adult I found out muffins are for breakfast

Bushes baked beans and cottage cheese! Even better on a potato chip ??

grilled cheese with peanut butter......sometimes topped with pickles. My husband thought we were insane.

I thought this was normal. Flour tortilla spread only cream cheese on it and roll it up. Microwave it for like 30 sec. It was delicious

thought mayo on a grilled cheese sandwich is normal.

We always had chocolate Texas sheet cake topped with a slice of American cheese. My bro in law eats miracle whip&pb sandwiches.

Ox tails!! It was common to eat while growing up in South FL. I made it for my friends in UT, and they couldn't eat it, especially my xray tech friend.

childhood food. We called it "shiz on a shingle" lol its toast with tuna and cream of mushroom soup mixed together and poured over top the toast! .... yum.... not! Lol

Gross food. It was taco made with corn tortilla fried in oil til see thru greasy and soft, with ground beef, Velveeta cheese ( not real cheese) and diced dill Pickles. Greasy fattening and yummy

A staple snack growing up was buttered graham crackers. It sounds so gross, but now I kind of want to make some.

bowl of milk with cubed bread inside. Sprinkled sugar on top.

jello topped with cream cheese that had been put through a ricer. Also, can of kidney beans drained, mixed with miracle whip and red onions.

I literally grew up eating gruel. It's boiled wheat flour. Literally sticks to your stomach. Asked my kids one day if they wanted to eat it. My son's response "Just because you are depression food doesn't mean we have to."

chili powder on watermelon

My husband's grandma puts Mayo on jello

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